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Pisces Season Starts Today And This Is How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

As the Sun is set to move into the last sign of the zodiac, we all will be more aware of ourselves and our emotions. We will be more empathetic and express our creativity too.

As the Mercury Retrograde also starts this Pisces season, we have to be mindful of communications. As we turn more understanding now, we should be able to express ourselves better by utilizing our empathy. This Retrograde will also impact our career, goals, and money matters.

Here’s how your zodiac sign will fare this Pisces season:


Your thoughts have been running way ahead of you but this Pisces season will finally bring you some respite. You will get the chance to slow down and focus on what you truly desire. Think of what you want to do in the coming days and once Mercury is out of the Retrograde, you will be all set to manifest your intentions.


This season is all about reconnecting with old friends. As you focus on networking, new prospects will come up. You could be starting a project close to your heart. But be careful about what kind of energy you mingle with.


You have been working quite hard on that project and this Pisces season will bring you recognition for all your hard work. But the influence of Pisces might make you want to switch over to another project which would be more innovative and thought-provoking. Also, with your ruling planet being Retrograde now, it’s better to watch your words. Miscommunication might create some trouble.


This Pisces season will be putting a lot on your plate. While Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mars have been creating trouble in your relationships, the Mercury Retrograde now will allow you to settle your differences. Just when Mercury turns direct on the 9th, you will be finding yourself making some tough decisions, but don’t worry, Mercury will have your back.


Time for you to focus on your finances! You are all set to make changes in your spending habits and start preparing for the future. You have been on a spending spree but finally, you are getting into the saving mentality. Make a budget and stick to it, will ya?


With the Pisces season and Mercury in Retrograde, you might get back in contact with a past lover. As you question your current relationship now, remember not to just jump into the next thing. Take your time, think about it, and set proper boundaries.


With Venus traveling through Aries, you will probably be welcoming some people from your past. It can be a lover or a friend but go easy on them in the beginning. As the Full Moon rises this season, things behind the curtain may come to light. You may feel the urge to gossip but remember that once Mercury turns direct, you will have a lot of explaining to do regarding the same.


Romance is knocking on the door for you, dear Scorpio. But if you want to make any bold decisions, wait till the Retrograde is over. While you hold on to those thoughts, why not channelize that energy into something creative? You can write down your dreams and insights and after Mercury turns direct, you will discover your creative genius!


Pisces season will help curb your adventurous side and make you more reflective. You will have the urge to reconnect, especially with your family in order to feel more grounded. Sit back and reenergize now and soon you’ll be ready to face the world.


You tend to become so focused on your goals and ways to succeed that you forget the ones who helped you along the way. So now is the time to slow down and thank the ones helping you. Also, you can become burnt out if you don’t take some time to relax once in a while. So make sure you take a break this Pisces season.


You prefer to be free in the wild but now you will be more willing to spend time at home. With the Retrograde in your second house of money, you will be making better financial decisions. But mostly the season will be about home and family with your ruler Uranus moving in your 4th house. Plan that family reunion now!


Happy birthday Pisces! Your season is here and the Sun is truly shining on you. Your emotional and artistic side now receives its due attention and you will be moving towards your goals. Take time out to plan how you want to advance in the coming months in order to achieve your goals and be successful.

Pisces season is all about reflection, relationships, and planning for the coming months. Let the Fishes guide you now!

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