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Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover: How Not To Let Looks Turn Into A Worth-Meter

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Being beautiful is something we wish for since we are born. It seems so idealistic, so perfect. However, there is a dark side of beauty too – a shadow side.

You may not be aware of it completely because we find beauty to be mesmerizing – something that is flawless. The shadow self is about being overly critical about your beauty, being judgmental and finding flaws within yourself.

Here are the ways to face and tackle the shadow side of beauty:

1. Accept that you judge others by their looks

Judging others by their looks is quite natural. Even though we try to escape it, we cannot. It is only by acknowledging it that we can make a move towards change. You have to first find the problem and then set the intention to actually solve it.

When you look at someone and start focusing on their flaws, it’s your primitive brain trying to make you feel superior. Try to stop acting that way – start by conquering this sense of arrogance within you.

2.  Media is not real

Many of us like to go to Instagram and get lost in all the lovely posts. While some of them can be inspiring, others might make us feel bad about ourselves. As if we are not doing as much as them.

Thousands of television shows, commercials and films show how people get a makeover and their life changes. Beauty is considered equal to happiness. However, don’t let these put you down. Get inspired to work on yourself or start a new project – don’t let comparison hurt who you are.

3. Taking ego away

We all have some form of ego. It varies in degrees. A bit of self-confidence is beneficial to you. However, there are many who go overboard.

You are not that good-looking that you need to scoff others. If you feel that you are superior or that you are rude to other people, maybe it’s your ego working. Trying to take it down a bit.

4. A little ego is good

A little ego should consist of self-confidence and pride in who you are. Ego makes you unique – it makes you different from everyone else and also helps you acknowledge it.

If you are beautiful, it’s ok to be proud of it. It’s ok to be proud of your talents. Just don’t get so attached to it that you can’t think of a world without it.

5. Define beauty yourself

Beauty can be defined on your own. It changes definition socially all the time. There was a time when ‘nerd’ was considered as an insult – now, it’s a style statement. Glasses have become the new cool.

Society should not define your beauty. You should be the one who defines what is beautiful to you. Settle on your kind of definition and don’t let culture or media tell you what is beautiful.

6. Aging is normal

In many cultures, aging is seen as a curse. Youth is always appreciated and if you age, you are seen as disposable. But that is not true in all cultures. Even earlier, age was considered as a movement towards wisdom.

Accept that aging is natural and go for personal development. Take care of your body and gain new friends. Accept the wisdom of age. It will be worth it.

Fight the shadow self of beauty. It’s the first step towards personal well-being.

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