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The Libra New Moon On September 28th Brings Fresh New Love For All

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by Conscious Reminder

Good fortune is in store for you as the upcoming New Moon is due on September 28th. These influences are a result of Zaniah, the fixed star and the sextile between Venus and Jupiter.

There is also a minuscule influence of Uranus on the New Moon. There will be an adjustment in your romantic mindset, yet this could also be a desire to seek changes from the monotony that you have put yourself through.


The influence of the New Moon comes from the Virgo constellation. Since the Equinox comes before the New Moon, most of the star signs are out of sync. This means that they are possibly not in the constellation where they belong.

The star at Zaniah provides one with honor, refinement, and congeniality. This, when added to the powers of the upcoming New Moon, provides one with interests of a studious or educational type, while also providing one with scope for marriage.


With the quincunx in Uranus, one can feel a change coming that doesn’t really bode well for them. But this resides on how restricted you’ve been, for this will allow you to indulge in some creative self- expression.

If you find someone who has a certain amount of power over you, then you can be assured that there might be some changes to the way you live.

But you still need to bring about some changes in the way you live, regardless of you being forced to, or you do it of your own accord. Don’t think for a second that you need to go off track completely. You simply can tweak your lifestyle to suit the people around you.

Now, Venus is in sextile with Jupiter, which is quite similar to the effects that Zaniah has on the Moon. This is helpful if you are about to party, or make love. This also provides someone with happiness and makes them generous.

On a very superficial level, this increased popularity, coupled with sex appeal, leads to true love and genuine friendship. But when one goes deep, they find that good fortune applies to matters of a legal or educational level too.

Have a happy and safe New Moon ahead!

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