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Horoscopes For The Week Of May 20th: Stars Look Promising For These Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

There’s a lot of things happening this week. Two Gemini transits are going to take place in Gemini. First, the Gemini Season will be beginning this Tuesday.

Then, there is Mercury which is entering Gemini. Mercury is the planet of communication and Gemini loves their silver tongue. Also, a Pisces Moon will mark the summer with a bit of dreaminess.


Mercury and Gemini will make you eager to go out on adventures. Be curious. Pisces will be there to make you tender and a tad bit emotional but don’t feel bad about your emotional side.


Financial security and abundance are what the Gemini season brings. Mercury is there to help you out. The Pisces moon will help you socialize more. So, start connecting with your friends.


This is your season. With the power of Mercury on your side, you can get started on your dreams. Plus, Pisces will ignite your ambition to go for your goals. Make this birthday worth it.


The Gemini season along with the boost by Mercury is going to release you from those situations which do not serve you anymore. Pisces will motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and live life.


Gemini and Mercury are combining their help to bring balance in your professional life and personal life. Socialize more and enjoy the summers. Pisces will bring a bit of steaminess in your bed.


The starting of Gemini season will make you ethically strong in your workplace and therefore, help you move forward professionally. Pisces brings romance in your life so, start going out for dates. Unlikely partnerships are possible.


Gemini and Mercury are all about engaging with international affairs, that is, travel. Pisces makes you more observant so focus on health and wellness a bit more.


The start of Gemini season brings about great experiences with partners, developing on trust. Pisces Moon will help you communicate more openly, thereby strengthening your intimacy.


Gemini and Mercury will bring about harmonizing romance in your life. Pisces, on the other hand, will make you crave for peace. Missing out is something you’ll actively seek for peace.


Mercury and Gemini are all about grounding yourself. Become organised. Pisces will make you a bit curious but let witty words begin to flow through your tongue. Impress others with your intellect.


Mercury and Gemini are trying to bring you out of the house and help you socialize. You will find pleasure in such socializing. Pisces will bring self-care along with a motivation to organize your life.


Mercury along with Gemini will pour its combined energy on your family and home zone. Stay with your family and decorate your home – it will be worth it during the beginning of this season. Pisces Moon will bring more empathy in your life which is necessary to understand your family members and develop a stronger bond.

The starting of the Gemini season will be worth it. Be prepared.

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