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Super New Moon In Libra – Fresh New Beginnings In Love And Partnerships

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by Fiona Edgar,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Tonight, a New Moon falls at 5° Libra.

A new moon, which is a conjunction between the sun and the moon in the same sign, ends one cycle and creates another. The new moon is an ideal time for starting new projects and creating positive life changes.

Tonight’s New Moon is ruled by Venus and focuses on partnerships and relationships. The strongest theme of this new moon is a new beginning in our love lives. The new moon makes an opposition to Chiron, the planet associated with wounds and healing, and over the next few weeks we may have to deal with some conflict or pain from other people, but this is a necessary part of our spiritual growth so we can move towards balance and harmony. Relationships are our greatest teachers, and the love that we have for our partners and families helps us to become better people.

We may be forced to make some changes in order to protect our partners and families. This may involve cutting ties with other people in our lives, or restructuring the relationships that we have with them. Situations will arise that cause us to take notice of how other people can affect our relationships for good or ill. It’s a good time to set intentions for our relationships and consider how we want them to progress. If single, making a list of the qualities that we would like our ideal partner to have, is a good activity for the new moon.

Sun and Moon in Libra is the balancing of the self with others, and honoring the bond between male and female which is a reflection of the divine Feminine and Masculine. It’s a mistake to think that one can exist without the other, or to treat one as superior or force them into being “equal.” We should delight in the differences between the sexes and honor our ancestors that came before us, and acknowledge the sacrifices that they made in order for us to be born.

This new moon is a good time to meditate on and identify family “curses” or wounds that run down the maternal line.

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