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Twin Flames And Synchronicity Numbers: What Are The Signs Telling You?

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by Conscious Reminder

Our Universe has a unique way of guiding us and communicating with us during our lives, and that way is synchronicity.

For those people that want to pay more attention, such synchronous messages will be quite evident and understandable, particularly when they are related to their twin flames.

In fact, the wide range of synchronicity examples includes synchronous numbers, synchronicity numbers of the twin flames being the most significant ones.

What is the purpose of the synchronicity numbers of twin flames?

There are people who hear about such numbers and think that the synchronicity numbers are specific instructions, or even something similar.

However, this is not right. These types of numbers represent the obstacles which we have to overcome in order to accomplish union with our twin flame.

We should consider them the hints from our Universe which help us find the issues we have to solve inside ourselves before we can even accomplish union with our twin flame.

Maybe we have unfinished business we have to deal with, right before we embark on the following part of our journey.

So, what do these synchronicity numbers of twin flames look like?

The number of distinct synchronicity numbers is huge, and not every number is strongly connected to the journey of twin flames. The numbers which are strongly associated with twin flames usually follow a specific pattern.

In fact, the most frequent patterns are the following: 11:11, 12:12, 13:13, and so on. The pattern 11:11 is definitely the most frequent one of all these and often represents unions and beginnings, although all of them strongly represent some stages in this journey of twin flames.

Other common patterns are 111, 222, 333, and so on. The repetition of synchronous numbers is not related to the twin flames; however, it usually pops up in their journey.

Such numbers often represent negative patterns, harmful habits, or repetitive thoughts which prevent us from evolving on a spiritual level.

Master and short numbers.

Master numbers are actually the low ones. These numbers’ importance to numerology can’t be overstated, so they usually relate to critical life aspects. This even includes the journey of twin flames.

Some old numbers and patterns may be called synchronicity numbers of twin flames. We have to remember that every synchronous number we experience may be related to twin flames.

Recognizing and responding to the synchronicity numbers of twin flames.

Recognizing such numbers may be hard when we start being conscious of all of them. However, as we are paying more attention or are training ourselves to become present and be in the now, we are going to start recognizing them easily.

The fundamental thing for identifying these numbers is their repetition in front of us. So, when we spot a specific number for one or for several times, it is likely only incidental.

However, if we see such numbers everywhere we go, the probability is that we identified synchronous numbers. Once we identify such numbers, which show themselves to us, we have to look up for its meaning.

We also have to meditate on synchronous numbers which are presented to us. The answer we search for is locked within our intuition – we have to look hard and pay better attention.

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