P!nk Starts Kindness Challenge Asking People To Not Criticize Anyone Online For One Day

by Conscious Reminder

Social media may have started out as a fantastic means of communication and keeping updates about the lives of others. However, it has quickly devolved into a cesspool of negativity and toxicity.

There are many trolls and haters who try to make you feel terrible about who you are. They are always trying to change you and force you to change. Celebrities are not kept outside this onslaught of criticism and hate either.

Pink, the famous artist, had had her share of hate. She was once called masculine and her parenting was questioned too. But unlike many others, her self-esteem was too strong to be affected by these trolls.

However, she, as usual, took a stand against it. She has often spoken about how toxic social media has become. She wishes to be an agent of change, and with her, she wants every one of us to participate in that change.

That’s why Pink started off a challenge on social media. She wants a worldwide challenge where every user will go one whole day without criticizing someone on the internet.

She called it ‘MISS ME WITH THE BULLSHIT CHALLENGE’. If you feel a lot better by not being hateful and spewing hate to others, then, you can continue doing it the next day. But then, let’s start off with Day one.

The Instagram post ended with amazing hashtags like #onlylove and #onedayatatime. When her husband came across the post, he shared it and said that though it seems a long shot, he was hopeful that this challenge would fly. Many comments supporting her came out. Pink had her comment section disabled.

The singer has often used her social media to show her family and work and connect to her fans. But that had also attracted a lot of trolls and shamers. Hence, this challenge can be a wake-up call for all of them.

The challenge came to Pink’s mind when she saw that hate coming towards Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle for making use of a private jet during their vacation. She just wanted others to be a little kinder.

Of course, this is not the first time that Pink is going out of her way to help others. She felt bad for Jessica Simpson too when she invited a lot of hate after sharing a photo of her 7-year-old daughter dying her hair. To counter the hate, Pink shared a hair-dying session of her daughter too.

Pink is confident in her own ways. She does not care about what people think about her and her family. She is going to do what she thinks right.

If breaking social rules is all it takes to be happy, well – she is going to choose to be happy. It doesn’t matter if she somehow loses a few friends or fans along the way.

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