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Mercury Goes Retrograde In Sagittarius November 17th: Heightened Senses

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by Conscious Reminder

What does this Mercury Retrograde mean?

Mercury retrograde is coming up! It’s going to begin on the 17th of November, in Sagittarius. So, be assured, there will be certain changes that we will be facing. Now if you have been a part of the older crowd, you must have gone through the traditional long list of don’ts during the retrograde.

Don’t make or sign any new contracts! Don’t get engaged! Don’t touch sharp or electrical objects! If you ever follow these advices, it’ll make your life really depressing. Who would want to live like that! Clearly, there’s some way out which is what I’m here to tell you.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrogrades are long. They may last for about eight weeks. Then again, it can happen three times a year. Sometimes, four times. Could you imagine how long that is? We can’t live in our bubble of don’ts for that long.

But when you learn that Mercury moves between two worlds, that is, the two hemispheres of your brain, it’s true that you’ll feel a bit scared about how it will affect you and all your activities. We can understand and that’s why we need to have a proper understanding of Mercury Retrograde. You can’t ace a test until you learn everything about it!

Meeting with the Underworld

When Mercury is in retrograde, it might feel like Mercury is going down to the Underworld. And everyone knows what is in the Underworld – the spirits of our loved ones. So when the Mercury retrograde takes place, your right brain will be activated. You will feel more emotional and sensitive during this period.

With all your senses on the edge, reality will seem unreal and frenzied – as if everything exists outside of yourself and there are chances that you’ll be able to see little details now that you’d have overlooked before. But that’s the good news – this time, you will be able to rebuild yourself. When our right brains get activated, there are chances of reinventing and renovating. Now we will be helped by the planet since Mercury will be meeting the same degree thrice. There might be a worrying situation, but this is the moment for you to make yourself better!

How it might go

The time Mercury retrograde will be changing its directions, we can make some mistakes. It could range from major-slip-ups to misinterpreting communications. Thankfully, that’s not how it will go on for the entire retrograde.  Once Mercury enters the Underworld, it will be ok again and we can go about whatever businesses we have to conduct. You just have to give yourself some time for the planets to align with your brain waves.

When Mercury retrograde falls in the house of your natal chart, you will be into the Underworld zone. It will be an indecisive and critical period. Lots of questions will come to you. When entering into a new contract, you’d ask yourself ‘Is this what I desire?’ So it’s better if all the projects related to the left-brain activities are done before the retrograde. Once the retrograde happens, take your time out, do something new and try to reinvent and replenish all the lost energy.

Use the Sun Cazimi Mercury

In 2018, when the Mercury retrograde is half complete, there is a Sun Cazimi Mercury, when the Sun exact will conjunct Mercury. this is an amazing time. Even when there’s a storm, this sun proves we can come out safe.

If you want to risk it, sent out a loving message with an artistic touch – you’ll get something out of it. And try to make it as near to the time as possible – the Cazimi lasts for only three hours. 

So now you know about the retrograde. Be aware and use it will. Conquer your world!

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