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Be Proud Of Your Inner Introvert, It Can Change The World Around You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Many people tend to stay away from large groups and social gatherings. They spend a lot of time on their own and would rather curl up with a book than go out for a party.

For them, that’s the best time of their day. When they are with a close person or a small group, they brighten up and enjoy their time. However, when the group starts to get larger, they shrink and almost become invisible.

These people are called introverts. They are often seen as strange. Often, their inability to interact in large groups makes them seem shy. However, shyness and introversion are not the same things.

Shy people want to socialize but they have an inner fear of not socializing. Introverts can socialize but don’t want to socialize in large groups. Shy people and introverts are not the same.

Due to this lack of understanding of introversion, many people label introverts as arrogant. They are also seen as someone with avoidant personality or with social phobia.

The result is that introverts are misunderstood. In the end, they dream of being an extrovert. They do not want to remain in their introverted shell. However, extroverts have their own challenges, which introverts are not always aware of.

However, introverts are essential for society and they can do a lot of good. Introversion is not only healthy but this calm and aloof demeanor has a lot of positive benefits to offer as well.

Introverted people observe the world differently. They have a lot more compassion than others and so, when you tell them something, they will listen quietly. 

Introverts like to stay within their own world and they can better their own world in that manner. That’s why they are quite proficient in the academic world.

As per Walden University, being an introvert makes you better in studies and thus, improves your chances of being successful in the future.

They can also be effective leaders since they listen to people and can use their analytical skills to work on these problems.

Being full of passion, nobody can stop an introvert from achieving their goals. They focus on their problems diligently and can drive themselves towards their goals without a problem. Plus, being observant, they are able to focus and work on the little things too which any other person might overlook.

So, if you are an introvert, don’t be disheartened by it. It can be great for you. Use your introversion in the right way and you can change the world.

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