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Every Person We Meet In Life Is Our Teacher, Be Grateful For Your Enemies!

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There comes a moment in life when every and each one of us feels hurt, offended or isolated thinking that life hasn’t been treating us fairly.

More often than not, in these difficult situations, we take the role of a victim, feeling sorry for ourselves. We simply give up instead of understanding that whatever happened to us, created an opportunity to entirely transform our personality and is giving us the chance to, once and for all, learn a valuable lesson and move on.
Actually, we attract people situations and problems through which we need to learn something; through which our mind and soul evolve the most. Every person we meet is a great teacher of ours.
There is this great story about a Soul which was to choose the best lessons for it to learn in the next reincarnation, so it decided to learn about forgiveness. The Soul went to the other Souls who were also trying to prepare for there next incarnation and asked them to help it learn the lessons.
One of the Souls accepted to take the role of her husband who would occasionally be violent and offensive, hurting her feelings so she learns how to forgive him. Another Soul accepted to be her mother who wouldn’t understand her daughter and omit her development as a person by humiliating her so she learns how to forgive her mother. The next Soul took the role of a best friend who let her down in a difficult situation just to, again, teach her forgiveness, and so on.
Just like the Soul, we come to Earth to learn valuable lessons like forgiveness, patience, acceptance and love. And different people and situations come to us to aid our learning. Unfortunately, when we are born we don’t remember the lessons we have chosen to learn, so the people who put us in difficult situations and hurt us, we usually see as our enemies when they are actually helpers and teachers.
Please remember this every time you feel like a victim of certain people and circumstances and have in mind that you were the one who invited this person into your life and put yourself into this situation just to learn a valuable lesson. These people are not your arch enemies; they are just playing their roles, the same way you play your role in someone else’s life.
So, I would suggest you to make a list of all the people who gave you hard time, hurt you and made you feel miserable and look at them from this newly acquired point of view. Why were they sent to you? What did they teach you? What was the lesson they brought to you? And if you still haven’t learnt this lesson, now is the perfect time to do it.
In your thoughts bow in front of every person and situation on this list; accept them with a heart full of love; forgive them and let them go in peace and deep gratitude. First of all say thank you to your parents who were your first teachers in this life, then your brothers and sisters, spouses and children, your friends, your bosses, your neighbors…
Keep saying thank you until the feeling of acceptance and gratitude for the lesson that have been presented to you hasn’t fulfilled you completely, freeing your soul from everything negative.

Believe me, when you experience every person in your life as a teacher, life becomes a lot easier, because isn’t it stupid to be mad at your teacher in school because you got a D, when you were the one who didn’t learn the lesson?!

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1 comment

EL March 8, 2018 - 3:24 pm

Don’t blame a student when the teacher doesn’t know how to teach! “A good teacher is but a wise student!”… Therefore, they will become the student in order to learn what the other doesn’t understand, adjusting the curriculum and providing a new perspective, helping the other learn and understand! True teachers are guides… But if you get off on a path that doesn’t work, chose another one, until the destination is reached… Dictators invite resistance, because true authority and power has always resides within! Bottom line, “if they knew better, they would do better”… Just be grateful for the contrast presented to you, learn and move on… The only person you can change is yourself… “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi… Namaste…


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