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If You Are One Of These 6 Zodiac Signs, Expect To Be Transformed By The Scorpio New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

On 27th October, the New Moon will come up in the sky. It might be invisible but the impact of its energy will be huge.

And since we are in the Scorpio season, our sensitive emotions are going to get a notch higher. Generally, New Moons are slow to bring about a change but this New Moon in Scorpio is going to bring a fast and sudden change.

Don’t be scared – just use it to fast-track your problem resolutions. Find a way to get your complications out of the way.

These are 6 zodiac signs which will be affected most during the New Moon:

1. Taurus

You might get some news from your partner that might excite you. So, get ready for a blast of good news. However, if your relationship is not working or if you are with the wrong person, you may see that it is slowly burning to the ground.

2. Cancer

Romance is in the air and it will either surprise you or exhilarate you. When the news comes, don’t get thrown aback. You might get news about your lover or you might get a match from nowhere if you are single. So, be flexible and try to adapt to the changes.

3. Gemini

Work will be your current priority and keep you busy. Are you looking to build up your skills to boost your opportunities or add on to your responsibility list? Well, now can be a great time to take this step. However, there can be complications arising at work so start taking steps to secure your job.

4. Scorpio

Mercury is going to go Retrograde in your sign and so, you will feel things speeding up and slowing down simultaneously. October 31st is the beginning of the Retrograde. So, start doing what you think is best for you.

5. Capricorn

Want surprises? Well, surprising news is coming right around the corner. You just have to be prepared to take it when it comes. Don’t be afraid and don’t get too shaken by it. Remember, you are in control of yourself and your fate. Don’t let some surprising news change you.

6. Aquarius

The New Moon is very important for you and your career. Your ambitions are about to undergo a change. You may not be satisfied with where you are going right now and so, you are about to take a time out to think of new strategies. Explore new ideas and open yourself to suggestions. A new life is coming to you.

The moon is our loyal companion. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments. Let the relaxing glow of the 3D Magical Moon Light Lamp bring you peace and comfort every single night.

The New Moon will bring about a necessary transformation in all our lives. So, be ready and start accepting.

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