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The Full Moon Rising In The Domestic Cancer, December 22nd, Asks You To Open Your Heart

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon on December 22nd will be a powerful one. It marks a period of resolution. It indicates a new beginning for all of us. This lunation is special.

The Moon comes within its ruling sign – the watery Cancer. Cancer goes deep within us – it affects our emotions and feelings. The alignment of the planets before the new year tells us to be one with ourselves – to surrender all our emotional burdens. This is the time to deal with it – and let it go.

The different alignments

The lunar nodes will move to the axis of Cancer/Capricorn. In 2019 and mid-2020 a number of eclipses will take place in these two signs. Cancer wants us to open up – it calls for our emotional side to come out.

At this moment, we will be enriched spiritually, often taking time-outs from the external world of responsibilities. The Sun moves to Capricorn and it shares the space with Pluto and Saturn. These two planets are scheduled to conjoin as well in early 2020. It’s a special time ahead.

Listening to your spiritual side

The conjunction of Saturn/Pluto will be occurring within the series of the eclipses. It brings in a lot of changes in the world around us – the political, economic, and social structures won’t be the same again. We all know about the dominating western corporate world which makes us more materialistic than we have to be.

It pushes us externally and makes us blind toward our inner needs. Materialistic pursuits are important – they help us survive in this material world. But we are not here to survive – we want to live. Relentlessly pursuing material items will leave us with an inner void. 

The Capricorn opposes the sensitive moon thus bringing the much-needed balance. On one hand you will have a need to pursue your goals, on the other you would not be blind to self-caring and catering to your emotional needs.  

Kindness is golden

The Full Moon helps us to turn off the world for a moment and look within. Acknowledge the emotions, the wants, the needs that are present within us – which are not connected to any materials.

We need to question ourselves and the Full Moon gives us the space to do so. Mars and Chiron square to the Full Moon axis which aids this prodding nature in bringing up the hidden truths within us.

The t-square tension present during this lunation makes it challenging for anyone to avoid kindness and compassion. We will be faced with situations where kindness will be your sole weapon – a kind of activism against cruelty.

You won’t be able to neglect your life anymore. Prolonged neglect can lead to an emotional break – but the pain it causes can be transmuted to help you change.

The stirring of our inner selves

The out of sign, Uranus’ sextile to the Full Moon wants us to let go of the past and go down a new way. Your inner person will be in constant motion and you will feel the deep emotions and memories always stirring within you.

Cancer brings a breakthrough in your domestic and psychic life. You are going to be transformed this coming year. Sensitivity will help you become one with your heart – it’s something we could all use.

It is necessary to be materialistic in this modern world. But a lack of any relationship with our inner selves will slowly lead to a soul-death. Cancer Full Moon gives voice to our soul and tries to bring back the lost connection with it. Be mindful and listen to it. It needs you now more than ever. And you need it too.

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