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This Is How To Recognize The Love Of Your Life: You Made A Pact Long Before You Were Born

by consciousreminder

By Conscious Reminder

Once upon a time, long before you were born, you chose him.

You chose the one who makes the nights too short to say everything you want to say to each other…

The one whose soul caresses you without laying a finger on your skin, the one that believes in you and makes you believe in yourself, even at times when you don’t. The one who tells you how important you are to him and to the world as well.

You’ll recognize him by the shimmer of his soul and the sparkle that lights up in his eyes every time he sees you; by his strong embrace that holds you tight as if you are going to slip through his fingers.

And after your first encounter in this world nothing will ever be black or white! On the contrary, a completely new specter of shades, colors, sounds and words will appear.

You will need this person as you need the air you breathe. His absence will cause you pain and you will never get used to it.

That’s why it’s pointless to build your life without the one you chose long before you were born. Without him life will be just a house of cards, always under threat, even by the lightest wind.

Can you imagine your journey without his hugs or his smile brighter than the dawn? Being with him is enough. You don’t have to do anything. You’ve been destined to eternity and the love you feel is so strong that it clouds your mind. Nothing makes sense anymore, but in the same time, you can’t find bigger sense in anything but your love.

Because of him your mind turns into your biggest torturer, while your heart composes the most beautiful of notes. And it grows out of proportion. Your soul is trembling like it did the first time when the two of you met and touched…and what is more, every time will be the same, even after 20 or 30 years have passed.

You will recognize him by his love, because you bloom in his presence. He makes you feel loved, even when he is not showing it… even when he is not aware of it.

Everything you need to do is to remember that you deserve love. The kind of love that builds fortresses…cities; that flies over mountains. The kind of love that knows no limits or boundaries and makes this planet a perfect place for two souls to come together and carry on with their life as one.

Don’t settle for anything less. Don’t pay attention to time or the people who tell you that you are running out of it. Ignore the envious looks and gossips. Let go of the feeling that you are not good enough for him. As a matter of fact, let go of everything.

Just remember you made the deal long time ago… You agreed to it before both of you came to Earth…you’ll go through life side by side and you’ll follow the light as single being.

This kind of love is worth breathing and living for.

Never give up on him…keep searching, he is there, he exists!

Author’s note: Even though this article was written from a female perspective, it applies to both men and women! Good luck in finding your other WHOLE! <3

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Debbie January 7, 2017 - 11:14 pm

I said this from the start . I drew pictures of him when I was a teenager. I found him at 36 we had 19 years together before he unexpectedly passed away. The night before it happened we hugged and when we looked in each other’s eyes it was soul to soul. Looking back it was like our souls were looking so we could remember and find each other in the next life. My soul aches for him every minute of every day. Knowing this pain, would I do it again? Yes.

Amanda July 1, 2017 - 4:50 am

Oh my! That breaks my heart. Do you get any signs?

debbie September 9, 2017 - 1:32 am

I just saw this question… YES! I do.. It’s bittersweet, I feel him and his messages but oh not the way I want to feel him back by my side…. Right after he passed the songs came like messages over the radio…. I would talk to him like he could hear me and he would answer through song..One that I remember is we were having a had time with his family trying to harass us. Wanting the keys to everything so they could take it all. We were together 19 years and I owned the house before he ever moved in so they had to claims to anything but they were asking to go through my house when he was gone less than 24 hours…Anyway I was in the kitchen crying not knowing what to do and the radio started playing…Just remember I love you and it will be alright….. There has also been notes that he wrote me over the years laying on the floor for me to find… Heart rocks when I go to the beach. We had a love for finding beach glass and heart rocks. They are always in my path now, he was always the one to find them..Now I do… I have a picture from the kids first day of school with a large blur next to my older son… Like he was standing there.. I have a picture of the clouds at the beach where you can see his face.. This happened twice the last time being last week on our 21st anniversary…. I could go on and on…The song Strange Magic plays constantly for me… I don’t know why but a lot of ELO songs come on at just the right time…Neither of us were ELO fans but since he died it seems like he sends those songs…Who am I to question…One time my and daughter and I were talking about him and our Sirius radio beeped for a song reminder and it was our song…As soon as it was over it beeped again, our song on a different channel….I could go on and on.. I actually have kept a journal of the messages, songs and signs….Because they are undeniable. It has been almost three years and I feel like the connection is still there. My mom even said that he was so connected to me that he would not let death keep him away from me and the kids…

Spiritually Claimed July 9, 2017 - 1:08 am

Been here as well. There is nothing greater than love united by the energy. I was not even a teen when learning, spoke it in my 20’s, married him my early 30’s, and the 18 years seem to short and so long ago. Oh, I say, “yes” as well for there is no greater than love when united like this. What are the true signs for the new love when the spirit world is placed?

Yoona Park January 8, 2017 - 10:24 pm

I chose michael dye over Ruben buda

Yoona Park January 8, 2017 - 10:24 pm

Still guilt tripping…

Diane January 9, 2017 - 2:13 am

What if you find him and he is married to someone else?

Christyne January 10, 2017 - 3:30 am

One 11/11/16 I published a book of poetry and photography about this journey. I would love to share it with the author of this piece… you can find me via the website/email info provided to make this post. many blessings <3

Galaxia January 10, 2017 - 4:23 am

But this all seems metaphorical as in light being what makes our soul sparkle… So it makes me feel silly when I think of some other person that way because what proof do I have that we chose each other or that we are each other?

Al January 12, 2017 - 4:01 am

Look to your inner self. You will find the answers.

S April 4, 2017 - 8:26 pm

I found mine and then lost him when he died 9/2016. So i guess I have to wait another lifetime.

Ro May 10, 2017 - 2:50 am

Reading the comments above, I can only say that I met my true love many, many years ago..Then life happens, and we didn’t get together then, I was given a second chance but then life happened again, and I think that chance is over too..sometimes we are meant for each other, but just can’t be together in this lifetime.. it’s very sad. I feel pain from his absence ,,physical pain,,night and day,,, everyday… I loved him then, I love him now, I always will and I look forward to our next chance together. .if it’s meant to be, ,, hopefully soon..some people don’t believe in soulmates or twin flames and that is their choice…But if only they could experience what we have, we would never have to debate this kind of love. ..

Kimberly July 1, 2017 - 8:42 pm

What if he is 17 years younger?

Simone Campbell July 3, 2017 - 10:25 am

Sometimes a person can make you feel that way but end up being a narcissist. Narcissist study people and create an illusion of what you want. They love bomb you so deeply that you believe they are your soul mate. Be careful, because we can fool ourselves into believing their lies. Actions speak louder than words. I’m not saying all people are narcissist but some are. I still believe in true love and soul mates but I also believe our mind’s can trick us too.

Judy Rogers September 8, 2017 - 11:24 pm

so true – thank you

Spiritually Claimed July 9, 2017 - 12:59 am

Have been through this with the husband that passed 12 years ago, met within the dream world at a young age. We met let’s say plus years later all grown-up, he spoke when first seeing me to his brother, I spoke going to marry a tribal… man, he came after me and in 4 months married. One my heart desires but he does not chase me, he does not come after me, he does not communicate, but my spirit will run to him faster then any other as he is my comfort zone and after 5 years have never met; one now comes after me to have my heart, to grab all my attention, to let me know how I should be treated and cherished, and taken care of all the right manners and oh so young: the conscious one; and one so slow he will miss me when I am gone. Life was simpler when the spirit world took care of it all. Smiling! What is a number after all it is about the one that comes after you right… hmmm! But oh the protection in ones arms I do not want to let go. Eni Meni Mini Mo… I am told young for all this confusion! It is a good thing to keep the touch at a distance, for the world does not know how to handle a love like this. Oh now I am more confused! Will let each day take care of its own. Great read to that of the purest of love when the heavens placed.

EL August 20, 2017 - 4:56 am

Sometimes the only reason this love is found and lost, is because we were meant to realize, it was a part of us all along! That person was a catalyst to awaken what we truly are and show us the love that is and has always resides within… This can be shared with anyone, or just yourself… Just open and Be! Namaste…


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