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Changing Your Genetic Expression

by consciousreminder
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by Laura Mayer,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

You can change your genetic expression in the same manner that you can change your attitude or physical expression.

In order to change, you must have some grasp or awareness of who we are, why you are doing certain things the way you are and be willing through an elevated awareness that you have the power to make you a more fulfilled person in the long run.

What you cannot change is your genetic coding-or DNA. Thatʼs fine. The change in expression depends on

your willingness and openness to shift your personality self which continues to hold on tightly to past belief patterns and behaviors.

When you make the decision to shift your expression you change how you see things- thus allowing you to change your life and even transmute the original pattern.

Let me share two concrete examples:

1. A baby born at gunpoint will carry the vibration of that original trauma and spend their entire life fearful of guns and being killed. Itʼs part of the energetic inheritance that the baby takes on.

Has virtually nothing to do with the baby within the womb–except that it occurred in her motherʼs life while you were in her Uterus. This transfer of energetics is what past life bleed-through and epigenetics is all about.

2. When I was able to change how a neurological disease was expressing itself by healing my heart ramifications of soul pain, I changed the expression of the disease to become a positive rather than a debilitating scenario. (Thank you, Steven Horowitz, MD) I did not change the coding, but rather changed how the dis-ease shows up in my everyday life.

I share these examples to enliven you, excite you so you will begin to believe you too can change the expression of whatever ails you by going deep into the energetics and releasing the hold it has on you. You are your EpiGenetics.

I refer to this as energetic inheritance. This inheritance is not any different than inheriting the color of your fatherʼs eyes or his high blood pressure or the shape of your motherʼs face or her proclivity for cancer.

You inherit without discrimination. Itʼs structural DNA. Now is the time to take a deeper look at the emotional, psychological and energetic components of our biological parentʼs inheritance. It is life altering!

Take a Moment:

Breathe. Feel. Open your chest and exhale.

Welcome this opportunity to see inside yourself and ask what energetic inheritance might be stuck so deeply within that I continue to do_______________________________?

This can present itself through the repeat (recapitulation) of same type of relationships, the ongoing sabotaging of self, fear of failure or success, limited beliefs that you are welcomed in this world i.e. the UnWanted Child Syndrome, on and on.

Now the exciting part:

Believe. Trust. Allow.
The bottom line is simple:
In your heart and in your gut, you know you are your agent of change.

About the author: Laura Mayer, MA., OTR, Integrative Therapist, Healing Activator, Author, Intuitive. Opening Doorways to Infinite Possibilities is the heart of Laura’s work. Her personal story and extraordinary healing offer unique keys for transformation. When Laura was told in her very first intuitive reading that she was a master teacher/master healer and would completely heal a 40-year progressive, degenerative disease, she listened. Laura is the creator of Audacious Attitude AdjustmentsTM Author of Unlocking the Invisible

Child and co-author in the bestselling series, Adventures in Manifesting, ‘Healing from Within.’ Laura is a certified facilitator in Soul Memory Discovery, Indigo Spiritual Healing, and Reiki I and II.

Contact Laura for additional information:

[email protected]
(914) 772-3917

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