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16 Signs That Someone Is An INFJ, The World’s Rarest Personality Type

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Psychology is more and more developed every day. People seem to be very interested in reading about psychology especially in the part of psychology that deals with revealing personality types.

There are many surveys and quizzes on the internet which are supposed to reveal what personality type you are.

According to the latest surveys, the rarest personality type is INFJ with only two percent worldwide. Psychologists say that people with this personality type are intuitive, mysterious and emotionally intelligent.

The INFJ personality type was revealed back in the 1940`s by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers. They used a so-called Myers-Biggers test which task was to assess the person in four different categories: Intuition over Sensing, Feeling over Thinking, Perceiving over Judging and Intuition over Sensing. According to this test, INFJ`s are people who are Intuitive, Introvert, Feeling, and Judging.

These people are usually in shadow in the society because they are introvert and incommunicative. This means that you won`t easily notice them, but once you do you will be lucky to have them around you because they are great friends and colleagues, hard workers and extraordinary leaders.

The following 16 sings are indicators that someone is an INFJ personality type:

1. They are very intuitive and they usually know things in advance. This ability enables them to reveal a person`s character in a few minutes after they met.

2. They favor long-term relationships. Once they connect with someone they want to be with that person for a lifetime. Usually, people that attract them are intuitive extroverts because they find a good connection with them.

3. They are good thinkers. They are frequently thinking about the meaning of the things and people around them. They are also wondering about their purpose and the purpose of their life. This makes them enjoy reading books and researches about the world, actually, they enjoy learning anything which makes them great intellectuals.

4. Their good side is logic. In addition to their emotional side is the logical side which makes a wonderful combination. They hate fake people and things, they would rather have one good friend than a hundred fake.

5. They enjoy deep conversations. They are really great talkers, but they avoid small talks because they can`t find a sense in them. So, don’t be surprised if they run away from you after you try talking about the weather or after you try gossiping about other people.

6. They are extraordinary. They simply aren’t like the other people, their thoughts are different and this often makes them feel lonely and isolated.

7. They are willing to help. Whenever they see someone in a need of help they are eager to do it. Compassion is their strength and they feel better when they see others happy.

8. They are good organizers. As long as INFJ`s see the end of their goal they create a perfect plan in their head how to get to it. This is why people around them often ask them for advice when they are planning something.

9. They are judging. INFJ`s don’t care about how people act towards others, they simply judge them on the base of how they make them feel. And as we already mentioned before they are very intuitive and they never make mistake when someone`s personality is in question.

10. They difficultly handle criticism. You should be very attentive when you are trying to tell them that something`s wrong with their work or organization. They get easily mad, but what is even worse is that they might get really hurt by your words. They will think about the words you said to them for a long time and they may develop anxiety out of this.

11. They want to change the world. They have their own ideas about the world and the society they live in. They have their own convictions about how the society could change starting by changing the law, education and even personal relationships.

12. They enjoy doing things on their own. They seldom ask for help and advice and enjoy doing their job on their own. This is why a work from home best suits them. In addition to this is that they have few friends. It is hard to be friend with them, but if you are already their friend you can be sure that they will never abandon you because they are looking for friends for a lifetime.

13. They look like extroverts. People who are not close to them usually think that they are extroverts because they tend to pretend to enjoy in every social setting. But once they get to know them better they reveal that INFJ`s are introverts and they avoid crowds, instead, they enjoy small parties and sitting at home.

14. They are excellent narrators. INFJ`s are good with words and language. As we mentioned several times before they are very emotional, but at the same time, it is difficult for them to express their feelings aloud. Thus, the best way for them to say how they feel is with paper and pen. This characteristic makes them great writers recognized around the world.

15. They are searching for essential meaning in things. They don’t want empty stories without real facts behind them. If you try to tell them some great fake story and they reveal that you were lying they will never want to see you again. They detest manipulators and liars and they try avoiding them as much as they can.

16. They have positive energy. They are cheerful and positive and people around them always feel good in their presence. They feel that they can trust INFJ`s which is the reason why they very often share their secrets, dreams, and fears with them.

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