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November’s Mercury Retrograde Might Bring Unexpected Love For These Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us don’t really look forward to Mercury Retrogrades. The ruler of communication, technology, and travel in reverse motion causes mayhem in those particular sectors.

And who enjoys a period of miscommunication? But right now we are at the fag end of a Mercury Retrograde which began on 31st October and will be ending on 20th November. This November Retrograde is in the zodiac of Scorpio so the further focus now will be on romance, sex, and money.

The times have been chaotic but a few of our fellow zodiacs have been rather enjoying some aspects of this Retrograde. And some of these select few are also set to meet someone new before the planet turns Direct this November.

It is often cautioned that one should not start new things during a Mercury Retrograde or take any serious decisions. And it obviously includes all prospective relationships. But this is a good time to look back at our past- some things might make a comeback too!

With the influence of the intense Scorpio season now, this November Retrograde is all the more focused on emotions and relationships. You might be meeting your ex and things may take unexpected turns now.

You may also end up meeting your next potential romantic partner while the Retrograde lasts. 4 zodiac signs have the highest chances of meeting new people and starting a new adventure together during this November Retrograde. Which ones are they and how will things pan out for them?


Mercury Retrogrades are not the best time to jump into new things. But this November Retrograde has something special in store for you. You may accidentally come across someone from your past and things might just fly!

Not quite feeling the vibe? Give it a try nonetheless. Things are not always the way they appear to be. Just be open-minded and enjoy the experience. Who knows, things might just become long-term!


This Mercury Retrograde might bring someone new in your life but they won’t be the one sending you the first text. They are out there, waiting for you. You have to go out and explore.

The more you socialize during this Retrograde period, the higher the chances of meeting that special someone. Don’t be shy now and enjoy!


While most other signs are not too happy during this November Retrograde, this is your month Scorpios! Mercury, even in Retrograde motion, is going to bless you and make your birthday month all the more fabulous.

You may feel your social or love life has been stagnant and there are no prospective candidates yet. But the reality is not so. Someone is there just around the corner but you have to stay alert. Seek them out or you may miss them altogether. Let Mercury guide you.


Unlike the above three signs, meeting someone new may not be on the cards for you. Rather the focus for you during this November Retrograde is on your existing relationships. The casual hook up or an FWB may turn into something serious real soon. Stop resisting the change and grow with it.

Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn: no need to be afraid during this November Retrograde. Be bold, go out and explore.

Express yourself and the right one won’t be misinterpreting your words! Mercury is guiding you now so have faith and stay open to new opportunities.

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