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The Last Full Moon Of The Decade Is Almost Here: What Does It Mean For Your Zodiac Sign?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon in December falls on the 11th or 12th, in Gemini. Therefore, any two things in your life will be highlighted, and you would need to find a balance between the two.

Regardless of these emotions, you will still have the time to let go of stuff that bothers you or is simply cumbersome.

Here is the message that the last Full Moon of this decade has for you.


You are headstrong and believe your way to be the only way to deal with problems. But that is not always the case, my dear fire sign. Sometimes, you have to think out of the box and look at different ways to sort things out. And this Gemini Full moon is going to help you look at things that way.


You are known for taking time while making decisions, and while that is fine 9 times out of 10, this Gemini Moon might not like it. This Moon is restless and prone to hasty decisions. In order to prevent that, always opt for a calm space where you would go to before taking any decision. This will help decrease the margin of error.


You are restless and simply unfocused, and we can understand why. But you need to keep yourself on track, for your career depends on that. You would need to use every iota of drive that you have, to deal with this Full Moon energy.


Your ruler is always the Moon, so you feel extremely connected to any energy that she gives out. Now, as she is in Gemini which is known for its communication- you might actually have a hard time coming to your point. Take some breaks along the way.


You have always been a good orator but this Moon might make it harder for you to bring that out. Your words might get jumbled up, you may not be able to speak your heart out, and you know what? That’s okay. You are simply taking some time adapting to the changes.


Tough times are ahead for you. You have always been a method guy in every aspect of your life, but with your energy all over the place right now, things will get scattered. Your professional life will obviously take a hit, so your best option is to lessen and mitigate any and all disasters that you can.


You are already quite indecisive about things, which isn’t helped by the Gemini Moon. If people come to you for advice, it is advisable you don’t tell them things. For, you might have their best intentions in mind, but it would come out very hesitant and ambiguous. Also, don’t make any major decisions until this passes away.


You will be dragged to events and happenings that are community-based and you have no interest in. But, you might still have to make an appearance. It doesn’t end there though- you will also have to deal with the scattered energy this period doles out. In the end, you are left with a bit of time which you should use for positive experiences.


You are too fly to care! You are happy-go-lucky with how the Moon works. Even if things get tough, you simply accept you are wrong and move away. You are not someone who gets overwhelmed at the slightest.


You are completely out of the loop with the Moon in the mix. You have no idea why the Moon is completely going against your notion of rigidity. You also would be sucked into too many directions- so remember to not let your main idea go out of hand.


You have always gelled well with Gemini but this time around, the challenge is different. You need to stay focused on your professional life while dealing with a major incident in your personal life. Can you still remain unaffected as your ex tries to interfere in your life? Be careful.


You are trying to vent your feelings but that’s not how this period is going to work out for you. You need to simply strike a balance between being rational and pouring your heart out. Both are important.

Hope the next decade brings happiness and light into your lives!

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Sure would like sum good news your articles are always right-on and as usual bye the time I write you a message well already going threw sum-shit got robbed on Thanksgiving”,..thank God no one was hurt but my life passions my jewelry was all stolen”,..my heart is broken!,..and as usual came to your page for insight thank you for providing it your reads balance me!”,..again thank you smiles from the broken hearted.999′,..


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