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3 Alien Species And The Role They Play In Human Evolution

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by Conscious Reminder

Alpha Draconians

They had descended from Noah and they apparently held advanced technologies from us and they function inside the erudite sinister levels of the society. They are supposedly a reptilian race who had originated on a different planet. People say that this race or species could have even seeded humans by removing their twelve stranded DNA in order to keep control over humans. The Alpha Draconians were a part of the Orion Group.

This race is also mentioned in the tablets found in Sumerian dynasty and were considered as demi gods called Anunnaki. They were a hybrid race of reptile and humans who after spreading from the Caucasus Mountains, and have infiltrated the human masses and built empires and put humans to work so that they feed off of us. They are the source of all influential bloodlines and they exploit our brains by utilizing our desire to conquer and hate each other as their instruments of control.

Some say they are changing and can identify the damage they have created and want to improve. But most of them are still full of lust for power and success and they want to dominate the world. They are unstoppable except for one thing that is their weakness; the realization or extraction of the futility of human ego and the ephemeral sense of wealth when a human being awakens inside. As we all wake up and realize the near destruction point, we don’t dismiss the beliefs of Alpha Draconians.

Whether you still are skeptic and find it absurd and believe in more abstract ideas such as fear is the reason of the loss of our belief and empowerment or that an alien species is feeding fear is entirely up to your choice.

The Greys

The Greys are what people think about when they hear the word alien. This is due to the UFO sightings in 1947 in Roswell New Mexico as well as many other sightings that made us believe in aliens. There are two types of Greys, The large Grey and the Smaller Clones big headed Greys. The smaller ones are cold and clinically curious as they are usually sent from the mother ships to conduct experiments and research on human beings.

Being the clones of the larger Greys, they are functional and have no emotions of their own they have a keen interest in humans and due to their decrease in number they need to breed in order to avoid extinction.

They are thought to be highly evolved and intelligent that may be on the “Council” those who have interest in protection of Earth and want to invest in the future of Earth. Their interest in Earth is because they don’t want the earth to get destroyed by its own species. They extend our curious mind and make us think about our cruel mind and how we function.

The Pleiadians

They are extremely human-like in their appearance and they are integral to the evolution taking place on earth. They come from a constellation of stars located in the constellation of Taurus, 500 light years away from earth. They have been said to discover earth in 225,000 B.C and had played a huge role in the evolution of humans until 10 A.D when they returned and have been watching over humans ever since.

They are also said to be a part of the ‘Council’ and they travel through dimensions to look after us. To some degree they represent our desire of an enlightened human being and they are one of the many species who have already evolved in the manner that humans need to evolve, that is, they are able to use their technologies and mental abilities while retaining their compassionate souls.

They are victims to huge galactic wars and are actually humanoids. They are the humans who decided to leave Earth but were driven away from their home planet in Lyra by the power hungry Alpha Centurians.

Although many other alien species have been documented, these three are the main in the discovery of the future of humans. The belief in these is up to you but there are evidences made in cultural media that are too coincidental. What do you think? There are several solar systems and planets surely; we can’t be the only living beings and perhaps life in other planets is not that far-fetched. Maybe there are people like us who are walking other planets and thinking the same about us?

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