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How Is The 2019 December Solstice Going To Affect The Northern And Southern Hemispheres?

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by Conscious Reminder

Irrespective of which hemisphere we reside in, the Solstice is the time to get in touch with our own energies as well as the vibes around us.

The December Solstice takes place on the 21st when the Sun will be standing still while the seasons shift.

The Northern Hemisphere experiences the shortest day and longest night of the year. The Northern folks need to concentrate on working with the darkness of their soul during this time.

On the other hand, the Southern half of the globe witnesses the longest day and shortest night of the year. This is the time for them to concentrate on the light and celebrate it.

Solstice is believed to be a time when the veil lying between our world and the other realms becomes the thinnest. This is a great opportunity for us to tap into the energies from the higher realms.

The Dark Night In The Northern Hemisphere

Those living in the northern half witness the longest night of the year during this Solstice. This increase in the hours of darkness around us makes up tap into the dark night of the soul. This can be called the time to retreat- when we look inwards and listen to our own being. The darkness often has a calming effect on us. We can be comfortable in our own skin in the darkness.

When we are left all alone, with only our thoughts as companions, we tend to dive deeper within. We forget the façade we put up during the day and concentrate on our own truth. The Sun too brings out our authentic self but it’s just that the darkness of the night helps us reconnect with the Universe and our higher self.

The dark night is the time to sit with our own thoughts and reflect on the darkness within our souls. When we reflect on our thoughts, our feelings come through.

Feelings we don’t often express in the daylight. This is a chance for us to listen to our emotional voice, to let it guide us.
This is the time to let go of all judgments and labels. Just experience the power of your heart. Notice the emotions that surface during this time.

Notice the discomforts that come through. Your soul will guide you to the things you must hold on to and the ones you must let go of. The stillness of the night will help us all step into a new reality, exposing the truth of our own being.

Ritual For The Long Night

The only ritual you have to follow is sitting quietly with your own thoughts. Move away from all artificial lighting and embrace the darkness around and within you. Be comfortable in sitting with an empty mind. While it is not possible for most to do this for long, you must push past any restlessness that may come up.

After this meditative session, take a cleansing bath with calming salts and oils. The December Solstice is a time for contemplation and relaxation. So enjoy the night if you are in the Northern half.

Celebrate Light In The Southern Hemisphere

The Southern Hemisphere marks the beginning of Summer with the December Solstice. This season of light is the time to get rid of all fears and let yourself shine. Be bold, take risks, and celebrate the positivity and light all around!

While life is not always happy and sunny, the longest day of the year should remind you that there always is a glimmer of hope and light, irrespective of how dark it seems now. Life has lots to offer us in the form of light and abundance.

The Sun’s rays penetrate the darkest corners of the world and our lives. It brings clarity with it. This helps us focus on the important aspects of life, the positive ones. The Capricorn Sun will guide us to review our goals. We must align our intentions and motivations with the true calling of our higher self.

Think of what brings you true joy. What makes your Soul happy and recharged. The Universe will also be bringing many opportunities our way with the December Solstice Sun in the Southern Hemisphere.
This is one day you must spend outdoors. Enjoy nature in its full bloom, interact with it to experience the energies of the Universe. Let the Sun’s rays warm your Soul. It not only nourishes you but also inspires and transforms you.

Ritual For The Long Day

All this ritual requires is that we spend time outdoors. Go sit in nature and observe your surroundings. Notice the beauty, notice the details of nature. You can also take to writing or drawing to express the positivity. After you exhaust your creativity, you can set intentions for yourself and those around you. Celebrate the light and thank it for the abundance.

The December Solstice asks us to be brave and outgoing. Let the light shine!

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