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Scorpio Season Is Almost Here: The World Is Transforming

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by Conscious Reminder

We’re just a week away from the Scorpio season 2020! As the Sun shifts from the airy sign of Libra, we will enter the watery depths of the mysterious Scorpio.

Scorpio season is the time for us to shed our old skin and embrace transformations. The planet of transformations, Pluto, is Scorpio’s ruler.

The power to change our lives for the better lies within us. With the Sun now in Scorpio, we are getting all the boost we need to make new changes.

The year itself has brought a great many changes in our lives and that trend is going to continue in the months to come as well. The tension we have been experiencing on both personal and collective levels is going to unravel now.

For much of the Scorpio season, asteroid Juno will accompany the Sun in this watery sign. This will make us question our intentions and alignments.

Relationships will also be highlighted during this phase. Juno represents our partnerships, the ones we spend our lives with. It may not show what we want in our partners, but it highlights what we need from such people.

As for the major astrological events of the month, they are:

Halloween Blue Moon

Halloween 2020 is all the more spooky with the Samhain Blue Moon rising in the Bull’s sign. The veil between realms will be quite thin during this time. The Moon will bring some challenging energies, but we can use it to release suppressed emotions.

Angel Number 111 in Scorpio season

1st November brings us the angel number 111. This is the time when you see your destiny unfolding. This angel number will also protect you from the challenging energies of this Scorpio season. Meditation on this day can help you harness these energies better.

Mercury turns Direct

After its final Retrograde of the year, Mercury will turn Direct on the 3rd. It will have its influence on the US elections, so expect delays and miscommunications. The Mercury Retrograde of 2020 that started in June will come to an end this Scorpio season.

Sun-Juno Conjunction

Associated with soulmates and commitment, Juno will now conjunct the Sun. As we start day-dreaming about our life partners on 8th November, hidden matters related to the heart will now be highlighted.

11:11 during Scorpio season

November is blessed with magical angel numbers. 11th November will be the angel number 11:11 that will help us connect with higher energy sources. This is a great day to set strong intentions and work on our inner growth. Use this time to connect with your spirit guides.

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

The day after this magical day we witness the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of the year. Use this time to channel abundance in your personal life. On the collective level, this energy will impact the economy and power dynamics. Be careful with your finances.

Mars turns Direct this Scorpio season

After Mercury, Mars too will turn direct this Scorpio season. This will be the end of a long and tiring Retrograde season for the stronger planets. You might find yourself revisiting the incidents that took place in mid-2018. Those matters will finally come to an end.

New Moon in Scorpio

The final major astrological event of Scorpio season 2020 will be the annual New Moon of this zodiac. 14th November brings the Scorpio New Moon, which will be the third and final Super New Moon. This will also be the final New Moon of 2020 as next month, we will witness a Solar Eclipse. The Moon’s energy will tell us to look within. New beginnings are set to happen, so make sure you leave your past behind.

Scorpio season 2020 will bring some powerful magical energies. Are you ready to enjoy these powers?

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