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December Is The Month To Let Go Of The Past And Look Forward To A Fulfilling New Year

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by Conscious Reminder

December is a month of reminisces. We all look back at the year and focus on the things we have achieved and the ones still unfulfilled.

While we are happy about the achievements, we can never let go of the missed opportunities. We fail to look ahead towards a fulfilling new year because we are too busy thinking of what could have been in the past.

We get so involved in these thoughts that we forget our reality. We forget the abundance and blessings we received. We dwell only on the negatives and the failures. But the more we focus on these, the more guilt we experience.

The fact of the matter is- it is all a part of our journey. We have to learn from those lost opportunities and the mistakes that led to the failures. How can we learn a lesson if we don’t actually experience it?

How will life make us strong if it is all rosy around? We have to let go of our stubbornness and learn to embrace the experiences. These experiences are here to change us, to mold us into better versions of the self.

We all fear change, no one likes things changing up too often. But if we decide to grow, to go down a different path which will accelerate our growth, we have to overcome our fears.

Instead of thinking of the many things that could have happened, the potentials certain opportunities had, we have to focus on moving ahead.

Dwelling in the past mistakes will not take us any closer to our goals. We will be forever stuck in the past.

In order to look ahead towards a fulfilling new year, we have to take radical action. We have to make choices that are not completely driven by the mind but the ones our brain tells us are good.

But making such decisions are difficult. Because they are more than wishful thinking. Making such decisions entail that we accept all the risks involved in our choices. The fear of the unknown remains as we let go of the trodden path and embark on discovering new ones.

It entails having immense faith in the self. We trust that things will happen when they are meant to happen. We trust the Universe to take care of the things we cannot control.

When you look ahead towards a fulfilling new year, you accept the many uncertainties that may come your way. You are willing to break all internal barriers and step into new realms.

When you let go of the past, you surrender to the changes of the future. You stop resisting change. You rather embrace it.

Just because you wanted something to happen with your whole heart does not mean they will be your reality. You actually have to put in efforts to move ahead.

When you catch yourself returning to thoughts of the past, ask yourself if you could have done anything else to change the outcome. Chances are, you gave your all and there was nothing more to do. So why stay stuck in those times?

It takes effort and intention to bring about change. You have to decide to let go of the past and look ahead towards a fulfilling new year.

Accept change, accept balance. Implement actions and thoughts that will keep you away from thinking about what could have happened.

You have the power within. Just embrace it.

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