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Invoke and Harness the Amazing Power of the Moon Through Moon Water

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by Conscious Reminder

Do you know how important Moon is in all healing and spiritual rituals? This is because Moon is said to be the primal healing energy and people in ancient times knew how to harness the power of the Moon.

Dancing under the Full Moon was one of the ways to let its transformative powers flow through them and heal and energize them. Since it might be a long shot that you will get to do so in the modern world, you can use water to heal you.

Here is how to use the Full Moon to make Moon water which can transform your life:

Procedure to make Moon water

  • On Full Moon’s Eve, take a vessel of your choice, ideally made of glass but anything will do as long as it is not plastic. Fill it with filtered water. Remember the vessel represents your body. And the water is your spirit.
  • You will also need herbs and gemstones of your choice. It depends on whatever kind of energy you are seeking to attract in life. If it’s love- use rose quartz, cacao and dried rose buds. If it’s protection- marjoram and black tourmaline. If it’s success- basil and green aventurine. For wisdom- rosemary and sapphire and fir peace and inner happiness- angelite and chamomile. Keep your vessel in the midst of which of the combination you need.
  • At first hold it close to your heart and let your love and light flow through you into its water. Meditate for a little while, and when you feel like it, keep it in the mood light and go.
  • Let it stay in the light of the full moon for the rest of the night. The Full Moon’s energy will charge it and if you want to maximize that, you can try covering it with clear wrap.
  • In the morning collect your vessel. Don’t forget to express your gratitude towards Luna for bestowing you with her energies. Expressing your gratitude out loud is a good idea.

Four methods in which you can utilize this water:

1. Adding it to your bath:

This will help you relax and bring clarity to your life. Draw your bath as you normally would. But add a little amount of Moon water to your regular water. Then pour it over you slowly, envisioning it cleansing your body and penetrating into your soul. This will help you feel peace the likes of which you haven’t for a long while.

2. Use it to enhance your third eye chakra: 

Dabbing this Moon water on your third eye chakra will help you access it more easily. You need to have faith that you can unlock the truth and wisdom that likes buried with your third eye being closed. Envisioning yourself opening up to the knowledge of the cosmos will help you access it. Keep your Moon water close to you during your Spiritual rituals.

3. Anointing money to attract prosperity:

In some ways, money is like energy, it is always flowing. And just like energy, its flow can also get blocked. If you anoint your money with moon water and envision that blockade being removed, you would be able to invoke great wealth into your life. Again the main thing is that you have faith that it is indeed possible.

4. Cleanse your gemstones with Moon water:

Gemstones help you direct your energies but for them to work to their full capacity it is necessary that you cleanse them regularly. Cleansing them with Moon water will infuse them with the energies of Goddess Luna. It will raise their vibrations and in turn, yours. You can also keep selected gemstones under the full moon to let them also bathe in the light of Luna’s power and the rest can be treated with Moon water later.

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