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Predictions For The 2022 Chinese New Year: The Year Of The Tiger

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by Conscious Reminder

The Chinese New Year represents us entering a new stage of our lives. It is not like the New Year we celebrate in the West at all.

The Chinese New Year is calculated on the basis of the lunisolar calendar. This calendar is created based on the lunar phases and the Sun’s position. However, today, the Chinese only use this calendar for the most important festivities and dates.

The Chinese New Year’s first day is related to the day the year’s first New Moon takes place. This usually happens between Jan 21 and Feb 20.

This year, the Chinese New Year will begin on Feb 1. Moreover, each Chinese year has a dedicated animal. For 2022, it is the Tiger, particularly the Yang water tiger.

What Is The Water Tiger?

According to Chinese traditions, the origin of the signs began when 12 animals answered Buddha’s invitation for a New Year’s party.

He rewarded their reverence by naming them after specific years according to their order of arrival. As such, the animals swore to extend their protection to the natives who would be born in their Year.

There are also 5 elements that dictate your personality. Your birth year’s last number defines this element. Moreover, there are also fixed signs associated with each element. The characteristics of these signs will add to the element’s influence as well.

As stated earlier, the water tiger will rule the 2022 Chinese New Year. The tiger represents strength and leadership. Its hallmarks are its affinity for challenges, ambition, and competitiveness. The people of this sign are usually lively, dynamic, and have a magnetic personality.

However, the Tiger tends to have sudden changes in its mood. At times, his sincerity might be too extreme and he may have a tough time trusting others.

However, the water tiger is one of the relatively calmer elemental tigers. The greatest quality of this sign is its humanitarian side. It embodies an admirable sense of openness towards new experiences, sociability, and justice. It is also the tiger that is most in control of its urges.

The Water Tiger’s Effect On 2022

This animal is going to bring a massive amount of growth, spontaneity, and determination amid diversity to this Chinese New Year. It is a fortunate time for the water tiger will also give us the chance to heal wounds we have been sustaining since 2020.

The year will be filled with dynamism and enthusiasm. We will give it our all as we get ready for a surprising positive change. 2022’s keywords are going to be will and movement.

Water is also going to give a bit more transparency and depth to all kinds of relationships. The year will have great struggle and resilience while we seek out conquests.

At the same time, there is a slightly perilous side as well. We have to be careful of our arrogant, stubborn, and judgemental selves. A tiger is one of the most fearless animals, confident and daring to face all challenges. However, the presence of water will make it easier to balance all the aspects.

There might be some shocking financial events. However, there are no worries of any major losses in this field. As far as romance is concerned, a renewal is coming for everyone – be it those who are still searching to those whose relationship has become a bit stagnant.

With regards to health, the injuries sustained over the last two years will still need to be tended to this year. With the hope that the pandemic is finally coming to an end, it is an extremely important time to be extra attentive to our emotions.

Overall, it will tend to be a positive and hopeful year, pushing us towards better and greener pastures. Happy Chinese New Year 2022!

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