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How To Recognize a Soul Mate From A Past Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Our romantic notions regarding the encounter with a soul mate who belongs to our past life is not a new and strange fantasy.

This is mainly owing to the special feeling of meeting someone who makes us feel complete and whole. In addition, we also feel a powerful connection with them that transcends time.

Nonetheless, there are only a few people who are able to understand the actual concept of a soul mate from past life. It is of utmost importance to understand this essential meaning behind our past life and the connection it has with our companion soul.

Twin Soul Meeting

We should first try to understand this past life. Then we should venture into the ways in which it connects with us before we try to comprehend our soul mate.

The central aspect of this concept lies in embracing the fact that humans are not merely physical beings. Rather we exist in multiple forms across simultaneous existences. And these existences take the form of a stream of consciousness that is never-ending.

We presently inhabit a realm that is just one out of the numerous realities that exist. This physical realm acts as the framework for our experience. We gather knowledge and get complete liberty to try out the options.

However, the best way to access all the elements which contribute to this universe in this experimental holographic existence is not a choice. On the other hand, the process of learning and experiencing things always gets compromised.

Through this way, our physical body becomes a temporary container or a ‘skinsuit’ for the spiritual essence. Our soul contains all our memories of the experiences and history despite having no contact with this reality.

Ideal Soul Mates

Few Greek philosophers thought that in old times the astral forms had been divided into 2 parts that had 4 arms, 4 legs, 2 faces, and 2 trunks. These 2 segments had to unite to complete one another.

Some Jewish beliefs stated that the kabbalah tradition believed that each soul had been created with another equal soul. These souls were placed on 2 opposite poles to maintain the perfect balance before getting attracted to each other.

Several other older traditions consider having many soul mates. They also mention the incarnation of soul families, resulting in knowing one another from previous lives.

Irrespective of the belief or ideology, soul mates have always been referred to as an equivalent. We can attain our complete potential in their presence.

Nevertheless, we must understand that it is essential to accept the fact that we might not meet them at all. We may meet them in some lives and miss them in others. They can form new relationships and acquire more wisdom through multiple incarnations.

Embracing Truths About Twin Souls

Several people experienced a wholesome feeling after being united with their soul mate and feeling more potent than earlier. Such a powerful feeling makes them feel that they share a prolonged connection despite having met them recently.

Since our past life memories are stored on a spiritual plane, they remain inaccessible to us on a physical dimension.

Although the spiritual understanding is beyond the physical being, we feel a strong pull towards our twin flame that transcends all logical explanations. Spiritual connections remain across generations and incarnations.

Many people have preached that in order to obtain a perfect companion we must first acquire deep self-knowledge. However, the accurate understanding mentions that this specific life is merely a continuity of a long history.

As a result, we have continuous relationships, connections, and experiences that transcend temporal and spatial boundaries.

Meditation mainly strives to comprehend this continuity and bring coherence to our experiences. Spiritual exercises and rituals also try to access the spiritual memories and bring us closer to our soul mates and previous connections from our past life.

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