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Christmas Day Solar Eclipse: Are You On The Right Path?

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by Conscious Reminder

Get ready to witness the final major luminary spectacle of the year and the decade! 25/26th December is the period set for the last New Moon of the year and it will be under the fixed sign of Capricorn.

The Christmas cheer will only add to its blessings. But the most interesting fact about this luminary is that it is also a part of the new Eclipse season.

Much like the powerful New Moons, Solar Eclipses too are known to open portals to higher realms of the mind. The Solar Eclipse accompanying this New Moon has a lot in store as well. Known to bring exciting beginnings, Solar Eclipses open new doors for us.

Since Eclipses are more related to Fate than our intentions, this is the time to focus on being more receptive to the incoming cosmic wisdom. The way a Solar Eclipse changes things may seem too harsh initially, it is usually for the best.

Eclipses are notorious for uprooting us from one situation and throwing us into absolutely unknown territory. We are disoriented and clueless about what to do next. But the December Solar Eclipse now won’t be so harsh with us. This is mostly due to the positive influence of Uranus and Jupiter.

As the year comes to an end, most of us are relieved. We had some intense energies to deal with throughout the year and we can’t wait to move into a more hopeful new year. We are looking forward to positive changes and this New Moon is the time to set the intentions for the new year.

This rather dark Moon will help us better perceive what all we have achieved in the past months of 2019. It will highlight our growth and accomplishments. It will show us all the hurdles we have crossed in order to emerge victorious at the end.

Now is the time for rest in order to prepare for new beginnings. Let go of the past and embrace the new. Open yourself to new possibilities and let the creativity flow. You are about to be hit with a truckload of inspiration and creative energy!

Explore the unknown of your mind. Let new ideas help you grow. They may not be perfect but you can always work around them. The seeds you plant now will be manifesting in the coming weeks. So, what can you do to make the most of this New Moon?

You can start by writing your intentions down for the new lunar cycle and sending them out to the Universe. Watch the sunset or light a candle inside your room.

Make yourself a happy meal and put some food out for the animals nearby. Pay your respects to the Cosmos, express gratitude for all the good things that took place in the last lunar cycle.

As you prepare to embrace changes, you must also let go of regrets about the past. Forget the dissatisfactions and disappointments from the year instead of carrying them forward into the new year. Get ready to embrace a new you as you leave the past behind.

As we prepare to welcome the new year, we can plan for a few changes. Maybe get rid of that smoking habit or just commit to your partner?

Now is the time to be spontaneous and instinctive. Trust the energies around you and make plans. Act on your plans. Your efforts will manifest in leaps and bounds.

Keep with the times and be open to changes. New changes will bring better opportunities this new year!

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