Here’s What The 2020 Love Horoscope Has In Store For The Zodiac Signs

by Conscious Reminder

As 2019 comes to a close, we are all eagerly waiting for the new year. A new year of opportunities, a new year full of hope and expectations.

Love and romance in 2020 is something we are all thinking about. The year promises growth and making new connections.

While most of the zodiac signs will be busy strengthening their relationships, a few of them will face heartbreaks. What does your 2020 love horoscope say, according to your sign?


Your 2020 love horoscope says that your year may have a rough start but you will soon be nurturing a growing connection. The single ones may finally get in a loving relationship while the committed ones will look forward to making a serious decision about the relationship. You will be surrounded by love and growth and may even decide to settle down this year!


You will be completely focused on moving your relationship forward. You and your partner are comfortable with how things are now and both are equally eager to take the next big step. If you are not planning to pop the question, expect your SO to do it before the year ends!


Your 2020 love horoscope seems rather difficult. You will be facing a lot of turbulence in navigating the relationship. But you and your partner have what it takes to make it big. So, be consistent in your efforts and you two can brave all storms together.


2020 is the year you finally let go of past flames and lovers. Don’t let the ghosts of your past control your present and future. You are letting them ruin your life and it is high time you move on. Find people who love you for who you are and stop chasing people who don’t even respect you.


2020 is going to make you focus the spotlight from yourselves to those around you. You will be keen on expressing yourself and work hard to improve your connections. If you resist this self-expression, you will be harming yourself in more ways than you think. Don’t let a good relationship go to waste just because you are too focused on yourself. Give people the respect and attention they deserve, including your SO.


2020 love horoscope says the year will be all about growth for you. You will be as hardworking as ever and it will be in pursuit of creating the dream life for you and your partner. Not just you, your partner too will join in to help build this dream. Great opportunities are waiting for you!


Since you are undergoing a lot of changes right now, the new year may have a jerky start. Don’t be rattled by it. And this year take the time to step back and look at your love life with a fresh perspective. Take some time off and understand what you need romantically and spiritually.


Your 2020 love horoscope says romance is in the air! 2019 was a lot about work and your professional life but the coming year will make you more focused on pampering your partner and your relationship. Let it all out and shower all your love and appreciation on your partner. Don’t worry, they will be doing the same for you!


2020 may not be the year you were expecting it to be. A major heartbreak is on its way and it will be from an absolutely unexpected source. You are not in the right position to make major decisions. So take things slow and think before you leap in 2020.


2020 is the year for working on yourself and caring for your dear ones. While romance takes a backseat, you have better and more important things to attend to. And you hold no grudges for that either. So, grow and spread the love!


2020 love horoscope will bring you some unexpected advances in love, and life in general. Great thrills await so don’t be shy when they finally show up. Grab every opportunity and grow in love.


Be ready for a huge change! You will be landing in a place you never thought possible. Let go of your inhibitions and embrace the new. You may feel the jitters initially but this is the time to dive headfirst in love.

2020 brings great positivity and growth for everyone. Single or committed, you will have love all around. Enjoy it!

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