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Six Things That Can Make Your Magic Weaker

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Films, television and books have been drumming the same message into our years for as long as they have existed: there is magic in all human beings. This magic manifests in different ways, but it does exist.

But, there are more ways to lose said magic than to gain it. The secret to remain magical, is to be happy and to be oneself; and we all know that the world seldom lets people do that.

Here are 6 ways/things to/that ruin your magic:

1. Noise

White noise which surrounds us makes us dizzy and anxious, and both those actions are not productive towards concentration and magic.

This is the kind of thing that looks and sounds innocuous because it is literally everywhere around us, but is actually counterproductive to life.

2. Smartphones and media devices

Two reasons, first, the iron content is quite high in all electronic circuitry, since steel is a key component in all of them.

Second, multimedia devices have us hooked to them and anything that does not let you concentrate on the profound is an enemy of the magic in you.

3. Iron

Iron is one of the first minerals that ushered in reason and civilization, thereby spearheading our connection to the natural and organic world.

It is because of its symbolically material nature that iron is not considered particularly magical. Instead repeated exposure to household iron objects can actually kill your magic.

4. Narcotics

Despite the fact that ancient magic needed some kind of drug-induced stupor, modern day drugs are simply harmful, especially what we call the ‘hard’ ones.
They not only weaken your mind but also destroy your aura.

Any kind of addictive substance is like a chain for your aura, which must be let free in order to be better and more positively charged. This is even besides the fact that your health will suffer more and more if you do this.

5. Processed/Junk food

Food is one of the many organic energy connections we still maintain with nature. It is a kind of Holy Communion we maintain right from the beginning of life.

When we get into the realm of food that has been excessively processed, from the realm of natural food, it not only ruins our health but also makes our connection with nature lax, over time, thereby ruining our magic further.

Because a healthy body is better for magic than an unhealthy one.

6. Doodling with black magic

In your tweens, it is natural to be curious about things like dark magic, witchcraft and devil-worship.This is the realm of demon-summoning and soul-selling.

Resist the temptation, because once on that path, there is no walking back. Stay in the light and let it guide your magic.

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1 comment

Aly February 21, 2020 - 9:27 am

hi,my name is aly,and i found very interesting the article about the noise.
Lately i started suffering from misophonia.It s a complex story.The thing is ,i had to leave my home and pay rent somewhere else,because i can t stand the noisy neighbors.They disturb my peace and take away my concentration.I m an artist and i can t create anymore.I became anxious and with panic attacks.I feel like the house is the ultimate teritory of intimacy,meditation and recharging your batteries.Is a spiritual realm.The noise disrupted the magic of my life and inspiration.I wonder if there s any solution to things like that,because i feel like i lost all the power i once had.I have no sense of belonging,i have no roots,i lost my nest,my life,my parents have to pay it all for me,our lives have been shattered.it might sound strange,but is true.Peace and serenity was the root of my life and my creation,which was an immersive process into a world of wonder.Without it,i am nothing.


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