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You Grew to Be a Strong Woman Because You Were Raised by a Strong Mother

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by Conscious Reminder

How we are nurtured affects our behavior. Most of us have lived with our mom and dad for a major part of our childhood.

So, their behavior and conduct act as an example for us.  We mirror them in many ways, even in our thoughts and actions.

This mirroring gets all the more strong and evident with our mother. Since most children spend most of the time with their mothers, the two develop a strong bond.

A strong mother, therefore, raises a strong daughter. This is because the child watches her mother and learns how to tackle difficult situations.

Such women know that their life is in their control and they can become whatever they want to be. If our mother manages things very well and makes things seem easy, we learn it too.

It is a fact that everyone has their own struggles and no one solution can fit us all. But the attitude to solve the problem is very important.

If you have a fighter mentality and you believe in solving issues, you’re strong. This attitude, most probably, has been inherited from your mom.

Taking correct decisions at crucial times is a superpower of moms. Or at least so every child believes. A mom always protects her child, no matter what.

This makes her strong in our eyes. We look up to our mother, we adore her. That is why we tend to imbibe her characteristics and being strong is one of them.

Strong moms also teach their daughters to have self-respect and be self-reliant. They’ll tell you to follow your ambitions and dreams. They’ll encourage you to fight the odds and reach your aims. Self-respect is an important trait.

It lets you value yourself. You should know that you deserve nothing but the best. Knowing when to keep silent and when to protest against the wrongs is crucial.

Otherwise, people won’t respect you as a person. Your mom also teaches you to be self-reliant and not be dependent on others for your needs.

True love can only be given by a mother to her child. You learn from her about love and respect. Treating others with dignity is something a strong woman teaches her daughter.

Crying doesn’t make you a coward; it shows that you’re a human. Falling down is okay but pulling yourself back up is mandatory. All these are the lessons we learn from our mom.

And lastly, you believe in yourself because you have been brought up that way. No failure, no disappointment, and no downfall can ever stop you. You’ll always have the power to get back up and achieve your goals.

Having a role model in your mother is a fortunate treasure. She will always keep inspiring and motivating you. Let her know that you’re thankful for her. Let her know that you love her.   

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