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The Most & Least Affected Zodiac Signs By Tonight’s Full Blood Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

Prepare for the fire that comes with tonight’s Full Blood Moon.

This uncommon two-night occurrence occurs in Aries, a zodiac associated with ego and individuality, so you may increase your chances of making profound breakthroughs and achieving your wishes. 

The full Hunter’s Moon in Aries in 2022 is termed a blood moon. It is because “our sun will seem to have a gigantic chunk ripped from it when our moon’s shadow rests on sections of our planet during this month’s blood moon.” This active lunation, which occurs around 4:54 pm ET on October 9, focuses on taking action, whether you have a partner or not by your side. 

Signs That Will Be Most Affected


On October 9th, when the blood moon illuminates your initial house of individuality, all eyes will be on you, Aries. It is Libra season when you should be devoting more of yourself to your relationships, but today you will feel compelled to embrace your ambitious, self-reliant side in a manner that helps you reconnect with your independence. 


The full moon in Aries on October 9 will shed light on your tenth house of work and reputation, revealing important information about your right to act independently in your working life. Cancerians, now is the moment to get the word out about any new career ventures you have been working on. 


Relationships have been the focus of the season for you. On October 9, when the full-blood moon shines brightly in your 7th house of partnerships and romance, you may expect this power. You are being asked to examine how you are keeping your individuality in your interpersonal connections.

Signs That Will Be Least Affected


Although the twins are notoriously unable to make decisions, they will have little problem moving on from this period of their life. Mars’ transit through Gemini and sextile towards the full moon works out pretty well at a time of introspective resolution that ultimately manifests as constructive action.

If you keep an open mind and a healthy curiosity, you may start anything from a new project to a new workout routine or a new habit. It is almost sure that you will have a wonderful time.


Get out of your comfort zone. Despite its reputation for confidence, Leo may be resistant to change since it is a fixed sign. The current full moon is in Libra, signaling a time for Leo to take risks and attempt something new. Leo will soon have a new outlook on an old notion, as the full moon represents closure.

Now is the moment to challenge yourself academically and spiritually or to go on an adventure. You may sign up for a course you have never taken, read a religious book you have never explored, or go to a country you have never set foot in.


feel the positive feelings coming your way! The fifth house is ruled by the moon during this full moon, which means happiness, creativity, skills, hobbies, children, and love are all in the spotlight. Chiron’s transit through the 5th house has put a cloud over your sense of self-worth, so this shift is much-appreciated.

There is nothing like a full moon to make you feel like starting again. You are going to recall how exceptional you are and how much others adore you. Accept and celebrate the quirks that make you the person you are. When the possibility of romantic attachment arises, Sagittarius realizes what a fortunate person they would be for someone else.

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