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February’s Mix Of Fire & Water: Leo Full Moon & Pisces New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

While January had its share of luminaries, they were rather intense. The eclipse only added to our woes. But February seems to be on a lighter note and we get a break from all the crazies!

Leo Full Moon In February

When the Sun and Moon are in opposition in the Zodiac, Full Moons occur. Often related to emotional energy and endings, Full Moons tend to have a greater impact on us than New Moons.

The first Full Moon of the month occurs on the 9th at 2:33 am ET. It will be at 20 degrees 0 minutes Leo. This Full Moon will be rising in the sign of Leo which rules our hearts and all matters related to it.

So due to this influence, under this Full Moon, we would be now able to express and expect more affection. Even the introverts will turn quite social and would seek new connections since Leo loves to make new friends!

If there is anything you don’t feel connected to anymore, now is the time to let it go. If your heart is not in it, go where your heart guides you. Let the love flow.

This Moon will make us focus on things we love to do and not worry about work. Unless we work on something fun, we will be completely distracted. Try to make your boring job fun if you need to get it done. And those who already love what they do, will be pouring their heart out and reap the benefits during this Full Moon.

Leo always blesses us with grandeur and creativity and you might be inspired to marry those two to create something spectacular! Don’t be afraid if you haven’t done it before, just let the Leo Moon help you find your way. Listen to your heart and forego your worries with this Leo Full Moon.

Pisces New Moon In February

Related to high energy and new beginnings, New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon form conjunctions. That means both these celestials are in the exact same spot in the Zodiac.

The February Pisces New Moon occurs on the 23rd at 10:32 am ET. It will be at 4 degrees 29 minutes Pisces. With this Moon, we shift from Leo’s heart energy and move into the territory of Pisces where intuition reigns supreme.

This is the time to connect to our soul and listen to our intuition. All our actions now will be guided by what we “feel” to be right.

Pisces too is quite creative. The inspiration the Leo Moon will be giving us will turn into actions with the Pisces New Moon. Our actions won’t be wild or erratic but rather subtle. But we will know how to work around things to get what we want.

Pisces is known to govern the past, the hidden, and the endings. We may gain new knowledge about past events now. We would be getting ready in the background and prepare for the Aries New Moon.

Past projects can reach completion now and we will be ready to move ahead with renewed energy. Try to establish boundaries under the New Moon and work with your subconscious to understand yourself better, as Pisces prompts.

The Moon sextiling with Mars pushes us towards taking initiatives while the same with Uranus gives us independence and the urge to explore unknown territories.

As the Mercury Retrograde conjuncts the Pisces Moon, this is a good time for second chances. If there is something you want to get back to or try again, take the initiative under this Pisces New Moon.

Enjoy the luminaries of February and keep moving forward!

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