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March Super Full Moon In Virgo: The Fire Is Still Burning

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by Conscious Reminder

While the Full Moon on the 9th of March promises to be one filled with joy and positivity, there are things you need to know and potential pitfalls you should be aware of.

This Full Moon goes against Neptune, thereby promoting causes for deception, confusion, and scandal. In present times, this confusing nature of the planet which also rules over illnesses and diseases could very well make us all hypochondriac about coronavirus.

But trining with Jupiter would definitely bring around good fortune, faith, and trust. Unfortunately, Jupiter’s kindness could also facilitate the spread of this virus.

The abovementioned aspects also help activate Jupiter sextiling Neptune. This spiritual and idealistic enlightening aspect promotes a positive influence over everything the Full Moon touches.

This also signifies the importance of Jupiter over Neptune as it would help one get over all the fears and pains that Neptune brings with itself.

When the fixed stars are in conjunction, the results are usually positive. While they might play host to misfortune and disgrace, we would also have the strength to fight against such vices.

With Jupiter in tow, this Full Moon would definitely bring out the emotions of both faith, and trust to get over any confusion that Neptune could bring out.

Jupiter also helps emanate feelings of honesty that would help negate Neptune’s treachery. When Jupiter sextiles Neptune, you have on your hands a horde of virtues which you can use to tackle those who have hurt you.

This Full Moon is perfect for you to get over your fears. This Full Moon can also act as your mirror- showing you your weaknesses, and helping you forgive yourself. When you take feelings of self-pity and guilt out, you can lead a life that is way more comfortable.

When the fixed stars are conjuncting amongst themselves, you will find strength and courage in your footsteps. And these feelings will simply be amped up by Jupiter.

But remember, the presence of Neptune might make it harder for you to live- bringing in risks of disgrace, misfortune, and regrets.

Since Neptune is the ruler of illnesses, March 9 might not be the best day for people dealing with coronavirus. To add salt to the injury, if Neptune sextiles Jupiter, this event will simply get amped up.

It is always a possibility that any pandemic can easily break out and ravage huge populations- more so on the basis of misinformation and treachery.

There may be propaganda, secrets and other such vices at play, which can only be removed by being truthful and honest to oneself.

When Denebola is in conjunction with Full Moon, there can be changes on the highest of levels- abdication, assassination, cataclysms, catastrophe, political uprisings, massacres, etc.

The Full Moon of March 9 will always have a connection with the previous New Moon, which had a sexy vibe to it.

The previous New Moon was all about being creative, and developing one’s own ideas and sending them out to the world. The New Moon was all about us reaching our full potential in more ways than one.

Remember to start new projects only when the Moon is at a waxing phase. And this period lasts from 23rd February till 9th March. This Full Moon would last till March 24, when we will be heralded with the New Moon.

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