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Call for Global Meditation: 444 Light Portal Activation

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Our planet is currently experiencing awakening on a collective level.

As we are going through the COVID-19 crisis, at the same time we are witnessing a shift in consciousness. More and more people are waking up and realizing what is really important in life.

There is a global meditation initiative calling for people from all around the world to join into creating a new and better reality and ease the consequences of the Coronavirus crisis.

The aim is to gether 1 million meditators to reach the wanted effect. You are all welcome to join.

Few recommendations regarding the meditation:

1.Create a protective energy shield

Since the aim of this meditation is to for a powerful energy cloud of over a million participants, we need to protect our own auras and energetic spaces. It’s true that most people if not everyone will tap into the portal with good intentions, it is also true that not everyone has the same level of spiritual and energetic purity.

This is why you should take a few minutes before you tap in and call for or create your preferred type of energy protection.

2. When to join the 444 portal and meditation

The Global synchronized meditation will start at 10:45 pm EST, but you can use the whole day of April 4th to meditate, in case this specific time doesn’t work for you.

For some places on the Eastern hemisphere, the synchronization will happen on April 5th, and that is absolutely fine.

3. What to visualize 

This is entirely personal, but it would be better to shift our focus from to Coronavirus and to visualize the world after the crisis is behind us. Imagine how the world is functioning again. Schools are open, people are going to work, the parks are full, everyone is happy and nice to one another.

But nothing is the same. Everything is better. There is enough food, there is no famine, not unnecessary death, children are safe, workers’ wages are high. Nature is healing. The waters are clean. The woods have grown back. There are no more endangered species.

4. Put the emotion behind your visualizations

Nothing can manifest and materialize if we don’t back up the visualization with emotions. While you visualize the new world, please let the emotions come to you.

Imagine, if all of this came true, how it would make you feel. It means that you will have to feel compassion, understanding, acceptance, tolerance, friendship, joy, satisfaction, happiness and most importantly LOVE, lots of LOVE.

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EL April 4, 2020 - 10:07 pm

For more information about the meditation (and guidance through a video), go to:
Consider a post found, “You don’t arrive to a new earth, it arrives through you! GodTech1


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