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These Mindsets Can Help You Tackle Your Anxiety

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by Conscious Reminder

Every emotion that we go through has a purpose. They can be both pleasant and unpleasant but they teach us something.

However, anxiety is an emotion that can really mess up your life. It is a nagging feeling that something is already wrong or something is going to get terribly wrong.

Because of this feeling, you might end up being too afraid or too caring, and in the end, lose yourself in the fear of ‘what will happen?’.

You need the assurance that everything will be okay and to preserve that feeling, you go out of your way, pushing yourself to a limit, and then burning yourself out.

Before you know it, anxiety will become a mindset which you cannot get rid of. Here are three changes that you have to make to get rid of the destructive effects of anxiety:

1. Make It Your Friend

We resist anxiety a lot – we don’t want it to take over our mind. But the more we try to get rid of it, the more it becomes stronger. That’s because anxiety is an extremely concerned friend who’s trying to reach out to us.

It has an important message to inform you of and the more you try to ignore it, the more desperate it becomes. The message is often that there can be some danger.

It does not know how and from where it might come but it will come, according to anxiety. And so, it wants you to be prepared. Take it for granted – don’t do that.

2. Make Anxiety Go A Step Back

Anxiety is always afraid of taking a step forward. That’s why it will try to prevent you from doing something which it does not approve of. If you find an attractive stranger in front of you, your anxiety will tell you not to go and talk to them.

Do just that. Once you do it, you push anxiety back by one step. Then, it will tell you not to get occupied in a prolonged conversation with the stranger – again, do exactly that.

That way, one by one, you push anxiety back and conquer it. Rather, you condition yourself to believe that you are better than anxiety itself.

3. Your anxiety tends to believe in lies

We have a fixed belief system – a fixed way in which we think the world works. We are certain of it and we live off that certainty. And so, whenever something breaks this certainty, our anxiety gets triggered.

It tries to tell us that we have been lied to about the certainty and that we are living in an illusion. That our world map is wrong. But anxiety is lying about it.

There are no certain paths that the world will take – rather, the ways of the world are always uncertain. Know that you cannot make a fixed map of the world and you can win over anxiety.

Make anxiety lose its power over you. And soon, you will conquer your mind.

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