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What Is The Black Gemini New Moon Bringing For Your Zodiac Sign This Week?

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by Conscious Reminder

The Gemini New Moon will occur on 22nd May this year and spark a collective need to communicate. The Air sign will also tickle our intellect by encouraging our desire for learning.

This Gemini New Moon will be a time of darkness, as it leads us to the 5th June Full Moon Eclipse. The darkness will make way for new and exciting opportunities.

However, the energies will not have an equal impact on all the zodiacs. Read ahead to know how the Gemini New Moon will affect your zodiac sign:


The Gemini twins’ energy will focus on communication, but that does not mean just talking without any substance. You need to be careful of what you say because you might just end up revealing your or someone else’s secrets.


You are a determined person, but sometimes it’s okay to relax a bit. Embrace the Gemini New Moon’s energy and accept the social aspect of this Air sign. Listen to your friends and take their help.


Geminis, this is your time. A lot of cosmic activity is going on under your zodiac, so you need to take a step back. Know that whatever you are working on will peak. So, give yourself a time out under the New Moon. Indulge yourself, feel fresh, and get ready for a new start.


This is the time for you to practice self-care. Create a space for yourself where you can center your mind and try to connect with your inner being. Remember that only your inner self can truly guide you in your soul’s journey.


Your leadership quality will be tested, as it is time for you to analyze the people around you. This Gemini New Moon, your true friends will show their faces, and you will lose connection with the fair-weather friends.


This Gemini New Moon will open your eyes to what is required in your personal relationships. Use the lunar energy to understand your partner better. Work on your intimacy, and have a conversation – your relationship will come out healthier.


Since you share the air quality with Gemini, you might feel extra flighty. Do not let your focus wander. Determination and staying grounded is of prime importance for you now, as the time is ripe for hard work and good results.


You might feel tired and burnt out after the Full Super Moon in your sign just weeks ago. Don’t be afraid to relax and create boundaries. You need your space to energize yourself again. Use this Gemini New Moon and its energy to dive within yourself.


You have let your professional life take over your personal life. Career and work can be fulfilling and fun, but personal relationships can fill your soul. The Gemini twins represent duality – be inspired by them and create your own balance.


The communication factor of Gemini may create a distraction for you. Harness the energy of the Gemini New Moon to keep yourself grounded and focused. Find your path and walk straight on it. Your hard work will have fruitful results soon.


Gemini’s social factor, along with the Venus Retrograde, might put stress on your finances. Remember to be thrifty, you have all you need. Save up and use your creativity instead.


The planet of action, Mars, has entered your zodiac. So, you might feel a sense of urgency to be active. But the need of the hour, for you, is to be introspective. Use the Gemini New Moon and its energy to refocus yourself, and you will know exactly which direction to take.

The Gemini New Moon will be a time of high cosmic activity. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be guided by the lunar energy.

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