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The Importance Of S*x In A Relationship

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by Conscious Reminder

It is believed in Taoist philosophy that two types of energy interact with each other: One is Yin, the feminine energy and the other is Yang, the masculine energy. These energies are constantly in interaction with each other within an individual and outside in the Universe at large and most importantly, they are the forces that bring two individuals together.

Haven’t we all heard people talk about their “other half”?

Well, this talk is based on truth. The fact is that intimacy is a kind of dance between two people. So, the first thing that happens is a kind of dance between two people to see whether they really like each other or not. These are usually the initial feelings of like or dislike that exists between two people.

After this phase is the more intense phase that comes in a strong deep relationship and which is about more physical intimacy and care. In this phase, if you choose from the heart you are in the honeymoon phase and if you choose from the head, relationships become hard.

In the honeymoon phase, you cannot wait to get a glimpse of your partner. All you need is to be with them and talk to them, as much as possible. But, don’t make any long term plans during this phase because our feelings are clouded by elation and in this overwhelming stage, the decisions made are usually not good.

After this phase ends, we tend to become more realistic. We look at partner from a new angle and we are critical and sometimes even judgmental of their actions and choices. This is the time when you have to increase the strength of the bond with your partner and you have to focus on your wants and needs as well. This phase is extremely important and if you spend good time in this phase, your bond will strengthen and mature.

One of the most important things that we must realize while being in relationships is that we should not give up on the idea that relationships must be about attraction and romance. Yes, the modern world doesn’t think in the same way because we have become so practical and business minded. But don’t choose relationships because they are convenient or because you are getting “something” out of them. Choose a relationship because it makes you happy and calm and satisfied. A relationship has to make you a better person otherwise the relationship isn’t going anywhere.

Also, remember, when a relationship ends you have to release sexual energy cords because these are like unconscious agreements or decisions that will stop you from moving on. You have to let them go. If you don’t let them go, your future relationship and even your sexual encounters will be haunted by them and this is certainly not good for your emotional and spiritual health.

Anyways, when relationships end, they cause a lot of pain and grief but don’t forget that the Universe always has a different plan for you.

Have faith in the Universe, it might be all happening for your good!

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