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September 2020 Will Bring In Clarity And Help You Speak Your Mind

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you been feeling stuck or trapped tall these months? Now is the time to get some relief.

The month of September brings movement and clarity. If you were feeling jammed lately, now is the time to shake it off and get moving.

Astrological Forecast For September 2020

On the 1st of September 2020, Mercury will come to support Pluto, and on the 3rd, it is to trine with Saturn. Mercury, the ruler of communications and persuasion, will direct our lives to a lot of free-flowing conversations, uncovering secrets, and so on. We can expect to come across stirring conversations emerging from the depths of our psyche. These actions fall under a broader process of letting go.

With Mercury assisting the extraordinary pact of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, you can expect to overcome barriers. You can finally resume working on your pet project. Novel ideas for new projects will also come your way.

You will also encounter an emotional culmination this month. The Mercury-driven conversations will touch upon the sensitive spots in your heart during the Pisces Full Moon on 2nd September. You will come to terms with your scattered emotions. If the past months were all about burying your emotions, now is the time to bring them up in conversations and accept them.

You can look forward to stability in your relationship and financial affairs. You will also be able to overcome obstacles in which you were swept under the carpet for a long time.

Mars Retrograde Starts On 9th September 2020

This month will take you through a lot of gear shifts. On 4th September, your desires will become insistent. You will get new ideas or immerse yourself in new thoughts. Novel concepts and information will drive you during this time. As Mars forms an inconjunct with the Sun and Mercury, you will also feel the need to take action based on your new ideas.

Next, when Venus migrates to Leo, you’ll go through a time of self-indulgence and warmth. You’ll enjoy a period of playfulness and fierceness heightened by Jupiter. This will last till the 28th, after which the planets shift.

The major cosmic event of September is the Mars Retrograde on the 9th. This will last until the 13th of November. This is the time of do-overs. You will come face-to-face with situations you’ve avoided earlier or left mid-way. This can become the source of internal frustration, but the other aspects driving this month will give you a boost to rework and revisit old themes.

People from your past may recur, and you might find yourself working on those past relationships.

However, Mars Retrograde can also become a source of confusion and misunderstandings. The energy within you can easily fall into dilemma-traps. Take a step back and listen before you erupt into aggression. That may misdirect your energy in the latter half of the month.

A lot of healing work will take place in September. You will be able to speak your mind with fearlessness, and you will feel like a heavyweight has been lifted off your chest.

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