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If Your Child Is Showing A Great Deal Of These 15 Signs, They Are A Natural Born Empath

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by Conscious Reminder

Those children that are naturally born empaths will have difficult times in adjusting to our social realities, particularly at the primary few years of life.

This overload of senses is a lot for them to handle because children cannot understand their surroundings just like adults can. For naturally empathetic children, proper guidance is needed, so they are not going to feel strange and alienated from some other children.

What are the fifteen signs which indicate that a child is naturally empathetic one?

1. Having just several good friends.

These children don’t like to surround themselves with some bigger groups of other children. They are happy only with several friends that will always be there when they need them. Parents are often worried about this, but they should just remember that their child prefers that, and it is not a psychological problem at all.

2. Taking stress from others.

When their parents have some troubles, the chances are their children can also become troubled. This type of child shares the stress, as well as the anxiety of his or her parents. That is his or her empathic nature.

3. When upset, they act out.

As they often don’t know how they can handle their emotions, when upset, they will often act out.

4. Establishing a connection with animals and plants.

These children are often sensitive about animals and nature generally. They don’t want to harm living beings, including the plants too. When others don’t take care of some plants or hurt some animals, they get upset.

5. Having strong intuition.

You can never lie to them as they are going to know that something is not right. This is because of their powerful, intuitive capacities, and they will also understand some things, besides the fact they are young. They will feel if someone is worried or lying, so avoid doing that.

6. Spending some time in solitude.

Sometimes, these children get lost in a world for themselves only. They love to play just by themselves, and it is completely fine.

7. Being a good listener.

As they can comprehend a lot more despite their age, empathetic children make good listeners. Talking to them openly about something that bothers you is a good idea. Some of them have excellent solutions.

8. Being compassionate.

These children are exceptionally compassionate, always helping people when they need help. They care or offer help when needed.

9. Family meetings are not their favorite.

As we already mentioned, these children don’t like crowds, so family meetings are surely not their favorite. In such instances, they disappear, spending some time alone or with several people only.

10. Quick reaction to movies and books.

As they read some book or watch a movie, they will react instantly. When a bad scene occurs, they can cry, as well as rejoice with those characters every time they feel happy. Also, they have the ability to understand those characters profoundly and quickly than others.

11. They sometimes feel as they do not belong somewhere.

These children often have the sensation of not belonging or fitting with their other peers. Also, they feel isolated.

12. Huge crowds overstimulate them.

They hate when they are in huge crowds, and they find a solution in running or hiding from them. When surrounded by a lot of people, they will become too emotional.

13. They don’t like loud noises.

These children hate loud noises or places as that stops them from being emotionally healthy.

14. Heightened levels of emotions.

Often, they have heightened levels of emotions, and they tend to feel a lot more. As they are at a young age, they will not be able to handle those emotions healthily. Also, they can even think that something is not good in feeling too much, so their parents should adequately guide them.

15. They guess when someone lies.

These children are very quick and good at guessing every time when the intentions of a person are bad or good. They will also detect when a person lies to them.

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