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Libra New Moon On October 8th, 2018: Beware Of The Narcissists

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by Conscious Reminder

This October 8th, the New Moon will fall at 15˚ in Libra decan 2. At this time the New Moon is in conjunct with Ceres in square with Pluto.

This arrangement falls on Kraz, the fixed star which is in the pattern of the crow, Corvus. In this position, the Moon either gives birth to the evil crow or a mad genius. People born under this sign are either actively resourceful or criminals.

At this time the Moon certainly isn’t in its best and is more concerned about others around it. Those who fall under the influence of this Moon seek external validation. Consequently, what we have is a bunch of narcissists asking for adulation. 

Astrology: The New Moon in October 2018 

This is a time, according to Austin Coppock, when lovers look for a long lasting union in their relationship. It’s important that the lovers carefully invest in each other and not slip into unknown lands where either gets lost completely. 

Moon in union with Ceres in square with Pluto and The New Moon in October 2018 

When the Moon is in square with Pluto, the hungry and intense attributes of the Moon become active. We’ll get a chance to witness this in October. The Kali in the East and Kenisha Berry in the West are the manifestations of this attribute. It gives rise to the possessive and controlling mother or mother figure. 

With Moon in union with Ceres at an exact time as the above will give rise to Demeter who grieved Persephone’s abduction. And because the Moon’s sensitive attribute is so active, sorrow will prevail.  Ceres, on the other hand, is a herbalist and may direct her energies in curing the world, unless it’s materialist. 

Kraz the Fixed Star and the New Moon in October 2018 

Kraz falls under the crow constellation, Corvus. Every star in Corvus falls in the Libra of Decan 2. According to the mythology, Appolo (Sun God) asked the raven to get water in a cup (i.e., Constellation Crater). The crow was unfortunately so enamoured by the fig tress that it forgot the task it was on and endlessly gorged at its beauty. As an excuse for its incomplete errand it caught a snake (i.e., Constellation Hydra).

There are other myths too about Apollo asking the raven to keep an eye on Coronis, his pregnant lover. When the raven told Apollo about Coronis’ affair with another being, it was cursed and changed from silver to black. 

Corvus is much like Saturn and Mars. It gives greediness, selfishness, revengefulness, craftiness, passion and aggression. They also make great paparazzi and journalists. They often thrive on others’ hardships. 

The meaning of the New Moon 

The New Moons want us to enjoy new investments but since our instincts are uncontrolled like infants, we may make an impulsive decision. Take a pause before acting on anything for the drive to fulfill your craving may be so strong that you may end up making a regretful decision. 

At this time the insightfulness offered by the Sun is overshadowed by the magic of the Moon. Whatever you plan at this time will manifest itself, so be sure of what you’re asking for. The glaring presence of the supreme Sun is eclipsed only for a while to enable you to develop a shift in perspective; hence decisions taken at this time will certainly shift the gears of your life. 

Crystal Healing: The New Moon in October 2018: 

According to the Shaman Sisters, possessing Black Tourmaline stone can be one of the best solutions at this time. This stone comprises of healing powers that may work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It’s an indispensable stone for this time when craftiness of the crow will prevail. 

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