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Another Mercury Retrograde Coming, But No Worries, We Will Pull Through Together

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by Conscious Reminder

The retrograde of the planet Mercury is usually the time when every one of us runs for the hills.

Also, it is among the primary things which we typically learn about from astrological perspective, as something we should be afraid of.

The retrograde of the planet Mercury usually turns the skeptics in believers as of the many developments that it may bring. However, there may also be bright spots at the time of the retrograde which contain positive energies for us, which we can utilize to our advantage.

The primary bright spot at the time of this retrograde will be the New Moon happening in the same sign in which the retrograde happens.

Sometimes, it may shine some light on our problems or ignite the things a bit more; however, when we know that it comes and what impacts in our chart, we can utilize it to our advantages.

The energy which is available during this time is going to help us take control and turn the things around when there is a need.

The bright spot number two during this retrograde is the so-called inferior conjunction. The conjunction is going to happen when the retrograde of the planet Mercury conjunct with the moving of the Sun.

This occurs during every retrograde of Mercury, and this inferior conjunction may show some time which is going to be excellent for focusing ourselves on new projects, plans, and ideas which may be our focus of attention for the following two or more month, or also until the following time when the planet Mercury will align with the Sun, after the ending of the retrograde.

It may begin with the so-called conjunction, while it may culminate with a superior one. We are going to get some extra point if we focus on areas of our life which are ruled by the inferior conjunction’s house happening in our chart. This will be the place of positive energy flowing.

And, the bright spot number three during the retrograde of Mercury will be when this retrograde trines or sextiles any transiting planet.

Trines and sextiles are quite easy aspects, hence more positive, so when the retrograde of the planet Mercury makes a trine or sextile to another planet, this will be the period when we will have the ability to utilize the energy of the retrograde positively.

To the planet Venus, it may play out in our dealings with other people; to the planet Mars, we may easily take initiatives; to the planet Jupiter, we may focus more on opportunities; also, to the planet Saturn, we may be quite more disciplined.

To the planet Uranus, we may make changes or embrace unconventional things; to the planet Neptune, we may be imaginative or trust our instincts; and to the planet Pluto, we may find the power and also take control.

This means that the retrograde of the planet Mercury does not need to be dreaded.

Of course, it may throw ginormous monkey wrenches in the life machine sometimes, but although it can be ornery, there will still be bright spots which we can find.

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