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Today’s New Moon In Virgo Will Make Us Face Our Truths

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by Conscious Reminder

New Moon nights bring with it refreshing energy that recharges us for the next lunar phase. For the last few weeks, we have been juggling too many balls.

We barely got any rest and had no time to prepare for the coming days. But the New Moon in Virgo that rises on 17th September will give a boose of practicality and help us focus on our reality. We have to find new ways to remain grounded.

Virgo is the no BS sign, and the thoughtful energy of the New Moon will combine with Virgo’s energy to bring us clarity. If you sit and reflect on your current situation, you might see something you have been missing all along.

This can come as a harsh truth since you will be focussed on an impartial perspective. You may not like hearing this truth about yourself or a loved one, but it is the fact you need to accept. If you want to achieve your bigger goals, you have to make small sacrifices at times.

The sacrifice could be something small like leaving behind a bad food habit. Or it could be something more impactful like creating healthy boundaries in your relationships. It might seem tough at first, but trust the New Moon in Virgo. It won’t lead you astray.

New Moon in Virgo Brings Solutions

Time to tap into Virgo’s goal-oriented mindset. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let small obstacles distract you.

Think of the changes you truly need to make for your own benefit instead of trying to find out what others are doing. Don’t get lost in those details, it’s ultimately about the bigger picture.

When it comes to partnerships, both of you will need to sit down and discuss your issues. Efforts need to come in from both sides for things to work out.

Making changes is often quite daunting, but these are the changes you truly need right now. Determination and perseverance will see you through this New Moon in Virgo. Make a plan, work out the details, and keep working hard!

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