Align Your Intuition With Your Physical Senses With The Power Of Prayer

by Conscious Reminder

To reach our higher truth, we all need to integrate our psychic abilities with our physical senses.

Intuition is one of our strongest psychic abilities. It is an expression of the higher self. Intuitive energy is as important for us as is breathing.

Many people spend their whole lives without ever unlocking their abilities. Be it the psychic ones or the physical ones, we need to integrate these two spheres into that of sensing, feeling, seeing, and knowing.

How Can You Align Your Senses?

The three best tools to sharpen our intuitive powers are meditation, prayer, and practice. When your intuition coexists with your aura, prayer will be your best tool.

Prayer opens a dialogue with the Divine Energy. Make sure you turn praying each day into a habit if you want to align your physical senses with your psychic faculties.

Prayer and meditation are not the same. Prayer relies on telepathy, using which you can connect with the Divine. Telepathy is when we communicate with our energies or minds. Prayers are also in a positive and hopeful tone where you trust the Creator to take of you.

One of the best times to pray is just before you hit the bed at night. You can rest all your worries of the day with the Divine. You can also start your day with a prayer and seek blessings.

When outdoors, walking or hiking in nature is also a great time to pray. You are out there, in the middle of the greatest creation, and you are reaching out to the Creator.

Prayer is the act of setting intentions with the Creator. But meditation is the act of focussing on one thing, with the help of techniques like visualization and breathwork.

You can also rely on guided meditation where you listen to a guru who leads the way in your meditative process. You can start praying first and then integrate meditation over time. It will help you evolve with each session.

Prayer is the way to cultivate your intuitive energies while meditation, along with some related techniques, sharpens your physical senses. But for both to work out, you need practice.

It is the one that bonds both the methods and helps you integrate the two parts into one. The Higher One. Whether you want to become a professional psychic or just want to explore that side of your personality, practice is needed each day. You don’t hit the gym once a year and get a ripped body, do you?

Heightened Intuition For A Better Life

Currently, we are in the middle of a global crisis. Chaos and destruction are everywhere. So now is the time all of us need to work on our intuitive energies. We need to send our energies out into the world to bring harmony.

People who pray daily and have sharpened their intuition and intentions feel less pain irrespective of the circumstances. They are not easily overwhelmed with stress because they trust their higher self.

Aligning your psychic senses with your physical senses will allow you to trust divine guidance. That will lead you to make better decisions, for yourself and your community. You will also gain better clarity in matters that used to confound you.

If you have been bogged down by emotional pain and are seeking a way out, start praying and meditating. With the clarity of mind comes peace. You need to find your inner peace in order to stand tall in the midst of all chaos.

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