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The Autumn Equinox Is Here: Can You Keep Up With The Changing Energies?

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by Conscious Reminder

Known as of the most potent days of the year, Equinoxes are days where there are equal hours of sunlight and moonlight. Equinox is a symbol of oneness as well as duality.

This year, the Fall Equinox in September is on the 22nd. 2020 Autumn Equinox will activate a powerful alignment with Pluto, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury. Known as the T-square, this alignment will reach its peak during the Equinox.

According to Vedic astrology, it on this Equinox that the Lunar Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are shifting to Taurus and Scorpio. As the Nodes change signs, they are going to bring some major shifts for the collective.

Autumn Equinox And Change

Not just Vedic astrology, Western Astrology also indicates this shift. Being the midway mark of the astrological year, the Autumn Equinox brings about a change in the way energies flows.

The T-square of the planets further supports the winds of change and urges us to take action but not rush into things. You have to find the delicate balance between trusting your instincts to take a leap and not getting too caught up in your ego. When you find yourself in a dilemma, trust your gut and move ahead.

In Nature too, this change is reflected. Equinox is the time of seasonal changes in many countries. Leaves change color as Autumn begins, and Mother Nature prepares for the winter. Springs brings new life in the Southern Hemisphere. Your location will guide the kind of energy that surrounds you.

Light And Shadow

Being the day of balance, Equinox is believed to be one of those days when the veil between the realms becomes thinner. Light and shadow race towards an equilibrium. If you want to make the most of the light, you have to spend your due time in the shadow.

And unless you know the worth of darkness, you will not appreciate the importance of light. Equinox is a good day to try and find the Oneness within us. As the veil thins, we can also reach out to our spiritual guides and ancestors. If you seek guidance, ask them. Request them to show you the path via the darkness.

Intuitive powers receive a boost as we are able to download more information from the other realm. Pay attention to your dreams on this special day. Third eye activations are common on this day. An activated third eye helps you align yourself with your psychic powers.

The days and weeks after the Autumn Equinox might seem intense. Major energy shifts will be underway, and each of us will need some to adjust to them. Live each day at a time. Stop worrying about the past or the future.

You are here now, pay attention to your present emotions. Reflect on your inspiration and intuition. Don’t try to delay due action. When you have the grounding energy within you, you can easily trust the Universe and take a leap of faith.

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