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Light Beings: What Are They And How Do They Communicate With Us?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The pure energy found in higher realms often takes the shape of light beings. Usually, they are found in the fifth dimension and above.

They bring high energy with themselves, almost like the energy of the sun. Often light beings communicate with us to pass on information. The energy exchange sends us eons of psychic layers.

Most of the ascended masters amongst us are light beings in camouflage. An example of such light beings on earth is the Siddhas from the Himalayas. They are timeless and ageless beings who live and die on their own will.

They have been meditating for many years to boost the vibration of the earth. As light beings, they can materialize and dematerialize their bodies from a physical entity to light at any moment.

Communicating with Light Beings

Light beings and other interstellar beings communicate via telepathy. Since they live in a higher dimension, their consciousness is in the etheric reality.

This allows thought transference. But on earth, or dimensions below the third, consciousness is in the physical realm, and communication happens via speaking and writing.

If you want to contact light beings, you have to raise your vibrations. Activating the Third Eye Chakra also helps in thought transference. Here are 3 ways for mortals to communicate with such light beings:

1. Dreams

Make a positive and powerful intention before you hit the bed. Ask them to connect with you and wait for the intention to manifest.

2. Meditation

Meditation increases your vibrational frequency. When you reach the delta state, you can reach out to higher beings.

3. Astral Travel

Light beings can be contacted on astral planes. Induce your astral travel, and set your intention to be contacted by a light being.

Increasing Reports of Contact

As the collective consciousness receives energy upgrades, contact with higher being will become frequent. Humans are now more aware of the unseen dimensions, and even Hollywood seems quite interested. They have been numerous stories of contact between humans and higher energy beings. Metaphysical is now more aware of the unseen.

Healers and mediums often convey messages from light beings. These are usually related to love, peace, and harmony. The driving idea seems to tell us that we need to abandon lower forms of consciousness where there are barriers and negativity. And channel our energy towards unconditional love. Gratitude and forgiveness can lead the way.

Earthly and Interstellar Light Beings

While there are masters on earth like the Siddhas who are light beings, there are many such higher beings spread out in the universe. If you refer to the Bible, even there, stars are mentioned as angelic entities. Aliens could just as well be light beings who are pure light energy in a humanoid form.

All light beings are trying to help humanity. We need to evolve spiritually. These higher dimensional beings keep contacting us, trying to show us the light. They want us to ascend as a collective.

Our minds need to embrace the other worlds beyond ours. With ascension will come alterations in our genes. With generations of such modified humans, soon, we will be able to evolve as a collective.

The raised collective consciousness will lead to mass enlightenment. That is when we will be on our path to ascend to a higher dimension. Are you ready for this ascension?

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