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Correlation Between Number Vibrations And Personal Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

Despite our apparent ignorance, there lies an innate connection between numerical vibrations through the Universe and the individual fields of energy.

Every person that has some kind of contact with the latest studies in the quantum universe will certainly be aware of such statements.

Plutarch had characterized the belief in this connection between individual fields of energy and the numerological vibrations moving across the Universe. He had also written that according to Plato, God was continually geometricizing.

There is a visible progression in quantum physics along with new discoveries that have been changing the prototypes of intentional materialism. In addition, it has also been confirmed that humans are conscious of their energies. Furthermore, we also possess the capability of making changes across the vibratory fields. These are facts despite the energy that surrounds us.

The main reason for this phenomenon is that the Universe is made up of various magnetic fields. These are primarily the energy fields that are in motion.

It is also possible to feel the presence of this potent force that is manifested all over the hydrosphere, atmosphere, vegetation, and everything on this planet and beyond. The sacred geometry is clearly visible in all the designs present in nature as well as in the imprint.

Stronger Connection Between Energy And Numerology

The human body definitely consists of many forms of energetic manifestations. The most powerful and significant out of them is certainly the mental energy.

We often find it very challenging to strike the perfect balance between our ongoing thought process and the vibrating fields that take place across positive as well as pure energies. This is basically because of the reason that there is a misuse of natural energies.

Moreover, human beings are born with a charge that comprises particular energy. This energy is derived from our personal experiences and builds the way we generally respond to life.

Nonetheless, we are able to identify our intrinsic and personal vibrations. This indicates that we might also be able to use these vibrations to our advantage. Thereby, we can also balance the positive and negative points and create an appropriate magnetic field.

Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, mathematician, and astrologer, had traveled across the ancient world while he was searching for knowledge. He had specifically traveled to Egypt and stayed there for 22 years. He achieved this even before these issues of vibrations were studied by quantum physics.

Pythagoras believed in repetitive events in a cyclic manner and found that every number signifies a specific cosmic vibration or frequency. He also stated that harmonic principle is the principle driving mathematics. He concluded that everything is governed by numbers and the energetic correspondence establishes the study of human behavior.

Meaning Of Numbers

According to Pythagorean Numerology, we have 9 numbers and 9 forces of the Universe.

Every number suggests a different kind of cosmic vibrations that is either positive or negative. Other than the 9 numbers, 11, 22, as well as 33 are called the master numbers. Each number is unique and distinct and represents universal principles.

Advantages Of Numerology- It helps us in identifying our own characteristics. Numerology also shows us the probable harmonic paths required. Furthermore, it also characterizes behavior patterns, benefits, and situations which can be attracted into our life.

Drawbacks Of Numerology- We will not attain any miraculous solution in life but we may get an interpretation regarding the problem that will guide us on the right path. Numerology does not reveal any prophecy in our life. Neither does it demonstrate what we must do in confusing times.

These understandings give us an idea regarding the way numerology must be used. This will help us to obtain balance and harmony while making any decision or choice in life.

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