Feeling Trapped Carrying The Burden Of An Oath

by Conscious Reminder

Numerous people are often seen making oaths to themselves as a form of resolution for forthcoming time.

However, the actual effect of that oath is never expected seriously. At times, these oaths might create unexpected consequences.

Stepping In & Stepping Out Of The Traps Of An Oath

Once we take a firm decision and unfortunately it leads to negative consequences, we feel intense anger within. Firstly, such inner anger turns us against other people who are involved and eventually against ourselves. We scold ourselves and do not want it to happen ever again.

As a result, it is an amazing idea to take an oath for ourselves. At times taking an oath starts with a strong determination.  It makes sure such a negative thing will never happen to us again. During this very time, we might not be aware of the starting point.

Nonetheless, many other people happily jump into making resolutions without making any serious expectations. On the other hand, these oaths made to ourselves can end up having deep impacts and serious repercussions.

Self-Made Oath

While taking an oath we feel highly energetic and enthusiastic. Often several negative emotions including those of anger, disappointment, grief, or revenge drive us to take oaths. Hence, an oath is usually taken with a sense of power and determination.

In addition to this, our source of power comes from our innate energy. It is also believed that our vow is intrinsically related to our subconscious. This is mainly due to the immense willpower motivating us to fulfill the oath driven by intense anger from within. Our will serves as oil to fire that drives us to manifest our vow.

The concentrated energy has a self-hypnosis effect that is focused on fulfilling the promise. Although this experience responsible for the consequent oath plays a significant role in our life. We often use the word ‘oath’ casually but this experience has the ability to have a life-changing effect.

Very often, this experience might be related to disappointment and leaves a lasting negative feeling. Yet the fire has the ability to help us recover. The substance and importance of the oath largely depend on the experience, inner strength, and emotions. These will determine if our oath will turn into a trap for us or not.

The Ability Of Forgotten Oath

The working and functioning of oaths do not have any general formula. Nonetheless, it is advisable to carefully reflect upon the things we truly want. And things we want to eliminate from our life. This indicates a strong belief in the manifestation and impacts of an oath.

For instance, when we vow to not fall in love ever we are filled with resentment, anger, and disappointment. On the contrary, we make such vows in expectation to alleviate our pain associated with love.

After the initial subsiding of our pain and anger, we feel more positive towards love once our emotional wounds start healing. Yet falling in love is not easy and we might find it difficult to find love probably because of the working of our unthoughtful oath.

Various Forms & Powers Of Oath

Many kinds of oaths often become a burden. A crucial example of this is an oath made to a dying person to take care of their children or belongings in their absence. We find ourselves being trapped in an unwanted situation.

Vows made by children, for example, not to indulge in any naughtiness in the absence of their parents or guardian can be easily shaken off. Such promises are lightweight and have few consequences if broken. However serious vows with great moral authority have more significant and long-lasting consequences.

Old and obsolete oaths must be broken as they no longer seem to work under present circumstances. Only by breaking them can we remove the blockade. Many people unwilling to break vows find them spiritually useful.

Energy rituals like dissolution and karma cleansing under guidance from shamans or spiritual healers can be greatly helpful.

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