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Are You Practicing Spiritual Materialism?

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by Conscious Reminder

The term “spiritual materialism” was first used by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche to characterize the pursuit of monetary success while engaged in spiritual practice.

His portrayal is not new; rather, it is a reiteration of a notion that has been expressed for ages by spiritual leaders and wisdom teachings. The spiritual and materialistic worldviews are the two main perspectives. 

The world is created by a heavenly awareness, according to a spiritual person, while a materialist believes that matter itself is the source of all existence.

The second point of view implies that awareness results from physical causes even if it must acknowledge the existence of consciousness—”at least I am aware and perhaps a handful of my pals.” Although there might be just a slight philosophical difference between these two frames of view, they result in quite distinct ways of seeing the world. 

Learn The Difference Between Spiritualism And Materialism

The first values everything as an intelligent manifestation of the Infinite that is alive and conscious. The other views the universe as passive, dead, and unconnected to oneself.  Materialists look for a process through which unconscious matter might become living to comprehend life from the inside out. 

They even believe they may be able to produce life inside the lab with the appropriate chemical concoction. Our positions in the physical world are determined by our egos; we are a mom, a daughter, a brother, a rich man, a poor man, a beggar man, and a thief. The ego is determined to distract us from our awareness of the Self inside the superconscious domain by defining our duties in the conscious world. 

Spiritual Materialism Is Unhealthy 

All of these terms describe this superconscious condition, which maintains us linked to the higher Self and, consequently, to our mystical connection to whatever it is we identify as God. They include the Witness, the Dweller, Thoughts without a Thinker, and the One Mind.

If we do not have faith in God as such and are atheists, then we may view this as a definition of our link to our higher nature, which encompasses our moral conscience, our personal and societal ethos, and our philanthropic engagement in the community. 

The opposing viewpoint, held by an increasing number of people, sees a divine creator at the root of all creation. They understand that awareness is the root cause of the world and that the entire cosmos is only an outgrowth of the Creator.

God’s consciousness “tricks” our senses into believing that this universe is substantial when it vibrates at the proper frequency. Our eyes, hearing, and other perceptions are “tuned” to experience it as solid, even if it is not at all substantial.

We would see things exceptionally differently if our senses were calibrated differently. We could have the ability to look through solid matter like an x-ray machine. If we had the necessary sensitivity, we could even be able to see the air molecules moving and hear the melody of the spinning electrons.

And if we had even more sensitivity, we would be able to see the awareness and energy that create the atoms. A self-realized master acts in this manner. Our attitudes are reflected in us by the cosmos. Everything will react to us in harmony and kindness if we regard everything as a part of our personal larger reality. We will make the entire planet our buddy.

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