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A Simple Body Scan Meditation Can Help Release Tension

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by Conscious Reminder

There are a few meditation methods that can help one reduce tension in their body.

One of them is the body scan method which is quite an interesting option for those who are looking to direct their entire focus into forging a connection with their body.

For those who are unaware, a body scan meditation is all about bringing awareness to the different parts of the human body- through concentration and focus. The initial step begins when one actively notices a body part and starts relaxing it.

This form of meditation came into popularity from the Vipassana meditation- which also takes inspiration from the Burmese U Ba Khin tradition. This method gained massive popularity in the 1970s in the United States of America. 

Benefits Of Body Scan Meditation

One of the major benefits of this form of meditation is that it helps relax the body, as well as the mind. While it does sound quite uncomfortable in the beginning, one can achieve deep states of relaxation through immense practice.

Through an extremely careful approach, it is possible to relax every single part of the body- after which we allow this energy to be released in multiple forms.

Another benefit of this relaxation method is that it puts the body in an extremely deep state of meditation. We always know people who are trying too hard to meditate- but find it difficult due to wandering thoughts. As it turns out, a body scan method will help them relax and allow them to immerse completely into themselves. 

A body scan meditation method also helps in relieving a large part of the tension that we feel in our body- sometimes even when we don’t realize it completely. In fact, there are situations when the excess tension will bring us to a position of disconnect from our physical being- but this meditative state will get us back to our bodies.

In fact, research has also highlighted that people who indulge heavily in body scans are able to manage their stress better- as well as regulate emotions on a far more manageable wavelength.

Such a form of meditation has also been known to get rid of things like a negative body image- as it helps us by bringing some form of a loving awareness- as well as healing to the areas that have been affected by it badly. To put it subtly, this form of meditation will help us mend the relationship that we have with our bodies. 

How To Create A Holistic Environment For A Body Scan Meditation

In order to fully immerse oneself in the experience, it is helpful if one surrounds themselves with a sound bath. The healing sounds of a crystal alchemy bowl would pair nicely with a body scan and put one in a state of deeper meditation and healing.

Also, for people trying it for the first time- it might also be conducive to ask someone for help throughout the process. It will ensure that the attention of the person doing it doesn’t keep drifting away. 

Also, there are circumstances where the sensations might be different throughout the process. It would be prudent for someone to remain as non-judgmental as they can, for judging any feelings, thoughts, and sensations could create a disturbance that would negatively affect the person going through the works. One has to be as open-minded as one possibly can in order for this to work. 

Now, even if one didn’t want to take a big step toward a whole-body scan meditation, it would still be feasible to keep up with a regular meditation practice that would bring both the mind and the body to a perfect state of equilibrium. 

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