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Tonight’s Libra New Supermoon Will Push Everyone Into Emotional Overdrive

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The October New Moon that rose in Libra last night is not here just to sow new seed for the next phase. It’s now demanding that we make impactful changes to the way we live in harmony with others.

Libra is usually peace-loving and harmonious energy. Being ruled by Venus, Libra is all about beauty in sounds and visuals.

Usually, it is a time for colorful bouquets, greeting cards, and lovely conversations over luxurious meals. But 2020 is so easy, is it?

The 2020 Libra Moon is bringing forth combustive energy that will force us towards confrontations. All this is directing at bringing positive changes. As it creates conflicts, it also allows us to grow through it all.

The feminine archetype under this New Moon will now gain more power as the Moon makes it bolder and more confident. Right now, all the countervailing forces of masculine vs. feminine, me vs. you, etc. are targeting the existing order of things.

The order of authority and function has been transforming for most of 2020. This was mostly under the influence of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter working under Capricorn. And now all three planets have made a square with our Libra New Moon.

The aspect that demands action on our part is exact to Saturn, who is the lord of accountability, restrictions, and structure. With this square, we are pushed to be more mature and responsible in our interactions, if we wish to avoid negative consequences.

Situated opposite Mars, the Moon will also drive impulsiveness in us. Mars is the ruler of aggression and is being accompanied by the goddess of discord, Eris. Together they are going to create some revolutionary battles!

When the two extremes of energies meet, like the Libra Moon and Mars-Eris, it is time for old orders to come to an end. Rather, crumble. Both of these are pressuring Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in a tense T-square. We are all prepared to act on the triggers set now.

We are ready to process the personal ramifications of our destructive habits. With the Sun pressuring the planets in Capricorn, we are ready to restructure our sense of the self. Now in a phase of revolutionary growth, we have to be prompt in our actions.

Whatever goals you set now, remember to align them with the changing version of yourself, not the version you have been previously. Keep frustration under control and let go of the habits that don’t benefit you anymore. Now is the time to focus on better connections and collaborations.

Mars will have its impulsive energy, logic will prevail. With Venus forming a strong bond with Jupiter, we will be more inclined towards luxuries. But that also means better introspection in order to grow. Create new boundaries and clear all your mess now!

The energies of destruction will now be pulled in for a more supportive and grounding energy. With the trio of planets forming a strong bond with Libra’s ruler, we will be able to better understand our desires and work on relationship structures. Even our finances will receive a boost with this energy. All of it is going to be more grounded now.

Now is the time when we realize which parts of our lives are still blurry and work on it. With Venus opposite Nepture, we now see the disparities between our idealized expectations in relationships and how it actually is. This will help us be more compassionate now.

Even as past episodes pop up now, this is no time to look back or stay back. As Mercury still travels Retrograde, past unfinished work and past lovers are bound to come back.

Take them as opportunities to introspect, learn, clear the mess, and let go of it all. The Libra New Moon is preparing us for the future, so make sure you finish all pending work.

The Libra New Moon is bringing great changes, but we have to be ready to embrace them. Let Venus Mother work its magic!

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