Let The Super New Moon In Scorpio Heal Your Emotional Wounds

by Conscious Reminder

As we enter the penultimate month of 2020, we get closer to the next Super New Moon. From 14th to 15th November, a New Moon will grace the night sky under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

It will be a period of emotional growth. This also means that some of us might have to confront things that we have hidden deep within our hearts. Rest assured, the entire process will leave us feeling relieved and healed.

The November Super New Moon is here to stir things up. What might feel like chaos will ultimately lead to stability. When we feel our emotions fully, we celebrate the humaneness inside of us.

Whatever be the emotion, it creates a rift, which reveals the truth of life. Often uncomfortable, these stirrings of emotions lead to spiritual awakenings. This is the process that makes love possible.

Under the strong zodiac Scorpio, we will be encouraged to get in touch with our inner selves. It’s the best time to feel every bit of feeling. Let out all the pent up energies.

What are your inner dreams and desires? What do you truly hope for? What or who do you love? And what do you fear the most?

Think about all these questions. Raise them from your heart and release it into the Universe. Soon, you will realize that you have created a new and harmonious space inside you.

Remember that your feelings are just your feelings. It does not represent the true you. It only shows what you are experiencing.

Learn To Separate Your Emotions From Your True Self

Think of it this way. You’re on your journey that is this life. As your journey progresses, you encounter different people and different situations. Your emotions are just the cloaks you wear from one destination to the next.

Under this Scorpio Super New Moon, you will have to face your deepest darkest secrets. Through this process, you will learn a little more about your true self.

Ponder a little about your hopes and desires as well. This will give you a new determination, courage, and wisdom that you never thought was possible.

What a lot of people fail to realize is that both the light and the darkness is necessary to this life. We can never heal fully without the help of darkness. Life is incomplete without the two forces.

Transform Under The November Scorpio Super New Moon

The zodiac Scorpio represents the Scorpion and the Phoenix. They both carry transformative energies. It’s all about falling apart and rising back up.

Similarly, under this November Scorpio New Moon, you will be guided to rebirth yourself. The past matters as long as you use it to go into the future. Look ahead because the coming Super New Moon will take us all forward.

2020 has not been kind to any of us. While bickering about it is comforting, we must remember that it has given us a lot to reflect on and learn from. The rise and the fall are both important processes of the great cycle.

The initial birth and the final death in this realm are not the only birth and death we face. We fall many times and we rise many times. With this knowledge, go forward, and transform.

The upcoming Scorpio New Moon will lead us to collective healing.

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