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Are You Ready To Embrace The Cosmic Drama 2021 Is Bringing Our Way?

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by Conscious Reminder

As the year draws to a close now, we can all agree it was one super roller coaster ride, right?

This intense year unfolded with multiple rare astrological events that brought about great changes across the world. And before the year ends, we have the Great Conjunction on the 21st, which will usher in the new era of the Age of Aquarius.

2021 has some interesting retrogrades and eclipses we need to watch out for. The year will probably not be as intense as 2020, but it will have its share of drastic moments. Here are the major astrological events of 2021 that you should know about.

The New Age of Aquarius

21st December Great Conjunction is the first Jupiter-Saturn alignment in Aquarius since 1405! Saturn will be with the water bearer till 2024, and Jupiter will be here for most of 2021. So be prepared to step into this new era marked by progressive energy.

When 7 astrological bodies will be under this sign in February 2021, the energy will be felt the strongest. Together they will create a stellium. Our focus will shift to humanitarian efforts, unconventional inventions, and other technological advancements. And this energy will be with us way beyond just 2021!

Mercury In Air Signs

Aquarius is not the only air sign influencing the coming year. Mercury will have 3 Retrogrades in the air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The first one will be on 30th January, then on 29th May, and finally on 27th September.

The problem with the ruler of communications in air signs is that it will create a period of confusion. But you can use the energy to think of new ways of socializing and being more mindful.

Gemini And Sagittarius Eclipses

All the Eclipses for 2021 are set to be on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, which implies there will be drama. There could be revelations, unexpected endings, or new beginnings too! The Eclipses are set to be on 26th May, 20th June, 19th November, and 4th December.

These four Eclipses will bring about major shifts in our thoughts and communication style. Expect to make some changes in your belief systems and how you relate to the world community.

Venus Conjunct Mars

Summer 2021 will be quite heated up with the steamy energy of the Venus-Mars conjunction in mid-July. Passionate Mars energy will align with sensual Venus in the fire sign of Leo, making sparks fly in every which way!

These two steamy planets conjunct every two years, and they start a new cycle in romantic relationships and creativity.

The energy will be there for us for almost a month since they will be together from 27th June till 21st July. With neither of the planets turning Retrograde in 2021, they are ready to rule our lives in a much smoother way!

Saturn Square Uranus

While most of the events seem harmonious, the Saturn-Uranus Square will be a tough one! The ruler of restrictions and traditions is not too happy spending too much time in the unconventional Aquarius.

Similarly, Uranus is a bit jumpy with its change-loving energy in the stubborn and grounded Taurus. When these planets collide three times in 2021, they will create some serious clashes. 14th February, 14th June, and 24th December are set to be the dates.

Old traditions will be challenged by new thought patterns. We will be constantly questioning our old beliefs while trying to embrace new ones. If you can work through these phases, the planets will open your mind to new possibilities and teach you to accept changes for the better.

Overall, 2021 will have its share under the spotlight. We can only pray it turns out kinder to us than 2020 and offers us more chances to live our life!

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